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Mayock's no better than any of a dozen analysts...Berry's got the potential to be the next Ed Reed...Thomas just isn't in that league. Dude needs to get real...
Originally posted by CorvaNinerFan:
Mayock's no better than any of a dozen analysts...Berry's got the potential to be the next Ed Reed...Thomas just isn't in that league. Dude needs to get real...

Well Thomas did have 8 ints this season better than any of Berry seasons as far as ints go. Mayock is one of the better analysts because he watches tape and goes solely off of that. If you watch Thomas he is very Reed like at baiting the QBs into making throws that they shouldn't. He doesnt tackle as well as Berry is the only difference
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Many have been asking for earl thomas with our 2nd first rounder, Why? Why is he considered such a ballhawk?

I know his stats but really have never seen him play except for the national champ game and I thought he was average to below average - M Huff all over again.I dont want to base my judgement on one game or some highlight film on youtube.

Explain to me please.
i cant he's short and skinny. :) might be able to be a cover CB.??? IDK.
ok i am high on him

he is a ballhawk has 8 int in 13 games along with 62 tackles although he is small he is not afraid of contact and he has really buffed up. His coverage skills are on par with berry however he is not as much as a playmaker after the int(still scored 2 Tds tho) and he is not as good as stopping the run as berry. He is worth a top 20 pick and having him on our team at FS and goldson to SS would truly help our team a lot

most important thing is that he is consistant and isnt streaky which is what we need on this team

* All-American Honors (2008, 2009)
* Texas’ Most Productive Performer (2009)
* All-Big-12 Honors (2008, 2009)
* Finalist for the Jim Thorpe Award (2009)
* Defensive Back Trophy award winner (2009)
all his awards

keep in mind that kindle shiply and mccoy were on his team and still won texas most productive pperformer award


* Very productive defender
* Plays with a lot of consistency
* Can cover a wide area of the field/manage a large amount of assigned territory
* Has exceptional recovery speed and pursuit of the ball-carrier
* Reliable tackler most of the time
* Is excellent in man pass coverage
* Has the ability to spot the ball’s location and intercept passes often
* Can recognize opponents’ receiving routes quickly
* Has potential to provide defense with big play/motivation
* Takes good angles on tackle and coverage attempts
* Has a lot of upside, seeing that he’s only played 2 collegiate seasons
* Has been durable thus far


* Has smaller size for a Safety
* Tends to hesitate on run defense decisions
* Is containable versus the run; especially in the NFL
* Questions have been brought up regarding whether he will be able to take the brutal pounding at the next level, especially with his size
* Can get out of control sometimes in terms of going for a big hit

strengths far outwhey the weakness and this was before the combine where he came up much heavier and stronger than expected
I can't say I've seen a lot of him, but I like that Mike Mayock likes him. It sounds like he could play FS or flip to CB with little problem.
i seen he was almost 200 pounds, I'd be okay with him, but the front office doesnt seem to think we'll be draft a safety high.
Teams had to throw a lot to get back into the games v.s Texas.

I think he is OJ Atogwe like. Won't blow you away but is solid and flashes.

I just think, now if Marshal signs, we go Spiller then CB. Staley was hurt last year which disrupted the line. We can spend 2-4 getting lineman.

Then again, if Marshal stays in Denver, Trent Williams please.
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He also fills an important need in improving our pass defense.

Many think he projects better as a corner at this level. Who knows? He could be better than Haden. If he can't play corner, then you put him at safety. We have some weak DB's on our team. He'll get playing time one way or another.

Described by everything I've read as a great defensive leader, someone that can read schemes and gets his guys in the right positions.

If I had my wish in the first round, we would get a top tackle and a top passrusher but since it doesn't look like there is going to be a top passrusher around where we pick...I'll be happy if we get Thomas and a few more interceptions.
Originally posted by DesiDez:
You can mark it down:

McCloughan will NOT draft Earl Thomas in the 1st round. Scot loves size and Thomas's biggest flaw is height and lack of muscle mass. Look at our current roster: Frank Gore is our shortest player but he's at least a 220 lbs RB. Look at our starting secondary: Spencer, Clements, Goldson, Lewis (no one under 6 ft). Even though I think Thomas is a superior safety to Taylor Mays, Mays has a better shot of being drafted by the 49ers as ridiculous as that sounds.

I'll be surprised if Thomas is taller than 5-9. Can you imagine him trying to tackle Steven Jackson, Beanie Wells, Fitzgerald, or Boldin?

I'm on a roll

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