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LSU's Ciron Black

Originally posted by Kalen49ers:
3rd/4th round yeah. What was the point of this thread? He's clearly known as a 3rd/4th round prospect

I just wanted to know the Webzone's overall opinion of Ciron Black. At one point, he was rated as a 1st round pick. He clearly has talent, but his stock has indeed fallen. I just think that the 49ers should keep an eye on him.
Originally posted by PTulini:
Originally posted by OnTheClock:
Well, Pat, top 10 is a little off.

At the end of last year, Black was actually projected more towards the top of the 2nd round. He stuck to that range before the season started and gradually slid to late 2nd, then early 3rd. Now he's in that late 3rd-4th range.

Sorry OTC, I thought his stock was much higher. Thanks man.

No problemo, my friend. I wouldn't have a problem if we selected him in that range to play guard. Though I'd obviously hope for the 4th, since that'd be a better value.
Originally posted by Nuns:
I know people are screaming for a tackle in round 1, but I'm curious about the effect of good coaching on our current Oline. We have 4 "First day" (old school) picks on the line as it is. Let's coach them up and see how they run as a unit.

That allows us to go Spiller/Graham Spiller/Mcclain etc and really grab the BPA in the first round. In the later rounds draft insurance like Black, Fox, Young etc. A starting RT can be found outside the first round.

agreed....but at least we could get spiller hopefully with our 1st pick and take a OT with the second 1st round pick if there is still a good one there. Odds are the rookie RT will be almost as good right away as a starter we have....and eventually be a solid RT like we have not had for years.
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