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I remember a couple of years back when we drafted Kentwan Balmer, SO many players dropped into the second. Mostly wide receivers like malcolm kelly, devin thomas and of course desean jackson.

I feel like this draft isn't a SUPER STAR draft, but a quality draft with A LOT of depth. of course this is all precombine and a lot of things change after the combine and wonderlic, etc etc. but from looking at mock drafts it looks like there could be a LOT of talent to be had in the second and third rounds doesn't it?

Some of the guys that could fall into the second and possibly third are: Jahvid best, brandon spikes, dexter mccluster, terrence cody, chad jones, sergio kindle, etc etc etc.

I think we should definitely consider trading away one of our first rounders for two second rounders and possibly get another 4th or 5th round pick with it. This would mean that we could get two or three quality players compared to one and pay them all less. I know it sounds extreme, but I wouldn't even mind trading away BOTH of our first round picks and having FIVE 2nd round picks... maybe i'm getting carried away though haha.

I think best case scenario is we take an OT in the first round and with three 2nd round picks take something like a combination of jahvid best, sergio kindle and chad jones. I mean wouldn't you prefer

Anthony Davis, Jahvid Best, Sergio Kindle and Chad Jones (for example)


Anthony Davis, Rolando McClain, Chad Jones (also for example) ???

I'm just thinking back to late picks we've had in the past where we take players who would normally have been 1st or 2nd round talents and have dropped because of injuries or character issues etc. ie. josh morgan, tarrell brown, parys haralson. If you can get first round talent in the 2nd and 3rd rounds, TAKE IT. people are bound to drop in this draft no matter what. We should position ourselves to take advantage of that.

I still can't believe that we passed on Desean Jackson TWICE. I guess a plea and recommendation by some unknown WR known as "G.O.A.T." shouldn't carry much weight. He was only working out with the guy! Our guys who we did draft in the the first and second haven't panned out so well. One is working on being a bust and the other seems to be just average so far. Could you imagine Crabtree AND Jackson on the same team? This thought makes me want to cry!

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