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Simple road map to a solid draft

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Originally posted by tjd808185:
Originally posted by Kolohe:
Originally posted by smileyman:
Originally posted by Kolohe:
Originally posted by smileyman:
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Originally posted by smileyman:
Originally posted by Kolohe:
No thank you to Bulaga, rather have Brandon Graham with the 16th pick. I love the Nate Allen pick, and switch Johnson with John Jerry.

LB is not a need for this team. That would be a waste of a first round pick.

You see a wasted pick, I see the pass-rushing LB we've been lacking. Bulaga would be the wasted pick, hes gonna suck against speed rushers in the Pro's. Sure my opinion isn't a given, but what Brandon Graham did to him in college was down right nasty, no way would I pick Bulaga in the 1st.

The Niners tied for 3rd in the league in sacks--I don't know how you can say we need a pass-rushing LB when we have those kinds of numbers.

Your right they did, but for the first half of the season QB's would yawn at our pass rush. If it weren't for Justin Smith and his 4 sack performance against the 1-15 Rams we'd be tied for 8th. And the most sacks by a LB on our team was 6.5, and we don't need a pass rusher???

If you play that game you have to do it for every team in the league. The Vikings played against the lousy line of Chicago (twice), the Browns, Detroit (twice), St. Louis, Seattle. The Steelers plaid against Chicago, Cleveland (twice) and KC. The Dolphins actually had the toughest schedule of everybody in the top 5. The Eagles played against TB, KC, Chicago and the Redskins.

Every team in the top 5 played against lousy offensive lines, so if you want to take out Smith's 4 sacks against St. Louis you have to go through everybody else's schedule and do the same.

But I'm not talking about every other team in the league, just ours. I'm merely looking at our group of pass-rushing LB's we have....Jared Allen>>>>any LB or pass rusher on our team for that matter. Again, the leader in sacks for our team is 6.5, and not even he was applying CONSISTENT pressure all year. Too bad pressure wasn't a stat, no way would our LB's be ranked in the top 10 for that.

Now just from our pass rushers alone, Lawson, Brooks and Haralson they combine for 17.5 sacks.

Now look at Minny's pass rushers with only Jared Allen, Ray Edwards and Brian Robinson they combine for a total of 23 sacks. And they get pressure on a consistent basis.

And I'd take ANY dominant pass rusher in the 1st round over any soon to be RT in the 1st.

I get why you want to take Brandon Graham. I agree with you that OLB is high on the priority list and Graham looks to be a great fit to fill it. What I don't get is why you don't want a right tackle in the 1st? If anything I think you should be advocating against Spiller at 13 and then fill in the RT that you do want.

Because, you could always find a good RT later in the draft, say in the 2nd round, like maybe Vladimir Ducasse, Jason Fox, shoot maybe Bruce Campbell may fall to the 2nd. I'm just not a fan of Bulaga at all, would like to know what people like in him, he may be a good run-blocker, but at RT, we need more pass-protection.
Works for me! Great value picks with Cunningham in the 4th and Pawelek in the 7th.
Originally posted by hofer36:
Originally posted by noobie:
Tate isn't a game breaker. Hes a quality WR thats undersized at 5'11. Hes got really good hands and fights for the ball well. I just cant remember him catch a ball for 10 yards and breaking a run for 50.

go to his utube video highlights and watch the washington game....he breaks a long one the stanford game, where he runs acrross the field after a catch, before cutting it up and scoring...he is a former running back, and running after the catch is his best attribute from what I have seen

Here's a scouting report that agrees with your take.


Tate would pay-off immediately on special teams and eventually help turn our WR corps into one of the elite in the NFL with some experience for him and Crabtree.
Originally posted by NinersFo6:
Originally posted by SonocoNinerFan:
So here it is.

Day One - First Round
For my money our two most pressing needs are right tackle and a legit home-run hitting return man and I'd love to see both needs filled in the first round. My preferred combo would be Spiller at 13 and Bulaga/Williams at 16. But if Spiller is gone I'd be more than happy with Bulaga/Williams at 13 and Golden Tate at 16. No, taking another Biletnikoff Award Winning WR in the first round wouldn't bug me at all if the guy can return kicks.

Day Two - Second & Third Rounds
The second round is shaping to be the perfect time to get great value for a DB. Like most of the board, Nate Allen or Chad Jones would be my preference and I think we should feel pretty confident that one or the other will be there. But a couple of solid corners should also be available if the safety we need doesn’t slide to 49.

The third round should be a target rich environment for an OG/OT swing man. My preference would be that Mike Johnson from Bama slips to 79 but John Jerry, Kyle Calloway or Roger Saffold should also be available. I think any one of those prospects would be able to push Baas and/or Rachal immediately.

So here’s my dream mock through day two:
1A- C.J. Spiller RB/KR – Clemson
1B- Bryan Bulaga OT - Iowa
2- Nate Allen S - South Florida
3- Mike Johnson OG/OT - Alabama

We’d have a top-flight playmaker, a starting RT, possibly a starting Safety and interior o-line depth.

Day Three – Fourth through Seventh Rounds
So what’s left? CB depth and some pass rush help, or maybe a blocking TE/FB/H-Back type of player.

4- Jermaine Cunningham OLB – Florida (DE Conversion project, very athletic)
5- Brian Jackson CB – Oklahoma (Physical press corner with good size)
6- Jim Dray TE – Stanford (Blocking is his specialty, but he’s more than that)
7a- Rashawn Jackson FB – Virginia
7b- Joe Pawelek ILB – Baylor

100% approved!!!

Originally posted by ninertico:
Any mock with Spiller make me very happy!

I also like how you broke it down.

I like Spiller too, BUT Sing has a thing for North/South bust you in the chops kinds of backs. I hope he'll keep an open mind about Spiller.
tate is too high for our draft and i think the niners management will feel the same way. Tate is very good but maybe too high for the 1st round, esp 16 or 17. Other than that Spiller would be the greates at 13, and a safety would be good in the second if we pick up an ot at 16 or 17.

The niners probably would not take a wr high even if he is primarily a pr/kr. It would be a cb or rb that could return punts and kicks, not a wr.
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