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Mike D's Mock v1 Meat & taters

Nice work! Like the Colin Peek pick as or 3rd TE.
Thats the best possible draft. Except maybe not your 5th rounder.
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who returns kicks for us?

i guess i should have read the descriptions after the names

Want Ford so much, there is no substitute for speed!

I know right, just ask the raiders

A little difference between taking a speed guy in the top 10 and in the third.

If someone was going to say to me would you rather get a guy (in the third) who has an average skill set but who would be one of the fastest guys in the league or an above average skill set and average speed I would take the speed guy in a second!

You can coach skill sets, but you cannot coach speed! In the third round I want someone with a very big upside
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eric norwood in the 4th lol
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