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Denario Alexander in 3rd...?

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NO. WR isnt a major need and there are many more areas to address

But he can be a very good player and he's always open because of his height, and it's not like we're wasting a 1st rounder here

We have needs at OT OG OLB CB S - all of which are more important in my opinion. He didnt have a great Senior Bowl practice week either from what I read. Anyway, no chance I'd take him in the 3rd. 4th-5th perhaps.

And who would you rather have a guy like Reggie Smith or a guy like Brandon Marshall? Seriously man...

LOL Way to pick extremes. Just a ridiculous statement by you there.

Not really. It really really isn't. This guy has a s**t load of potential and he had a very productive season. He's 6'5'' with a 45 inch vertical leap and he had 113 catches and 1700 yards and 14 touchdowns. You don't pass that up JUST because "well we need a safety and an OG and an OT and blah blah blah blah blah". That line of thinking is what got us Kentwan Balmer over DeSean Jackson, Reggie Smith over Mario Manningham, Brandon Williams("because we needed a WR that can return!") over Brandon Marshall, etc. We need good players. Alexander has a great shot at being a very good player IMO. There for, if he is there and our scouts like him, you pick him because we need good players.

Have some logic.

You are acting like you are a psychic. Mel Kiper or some of the top talent scouts couldn't predict how players turn out.

Hey I think he has the talent, and I'm just saying if the niners think he has a lot of talent and he impresses them, then don't pass him up because we need a player of a different position who might not be as talented. That's all I'm saying. Am I saying he definitely WILL be the next Plax or BMarsh? Nope. But I'm saying if they think he has the chance and he's the BPA, go ahead and pick him.
Horrible week of practice and 0 catches today in the game. I would not be happy if Scott if he took this guy in the 3rd round. There are just so many better players and more important postions to fill. He will be BPA.. if its round 5.
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