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What round will Tim Tebow be drafted?

What round will Tim Tebow be drafted?

Late 1st to early 2nd is when he will go. I have no idea if he should or not but I feel he will be picked there. Somebody will take a chance.
I say late first round. Someone will reach.
I think after his senior bowl issues he's fallen out of the first couple rounds. Some where between the 3rd & 5th a team will take a chance on him.

Personally Id draft him in round 4, any earlier id call a reach.
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Originally posted by krizay:
Jacksonville will either trade down to late 1st or trade back in to the 1st to get him. If Pat white can go in the 2nd for wildcat purposes........... Tebow could easily go 2nd to start off in the wildcat while he "learns" to be a QB.