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Seahawks likely looking at D for 14th pick?

Was looking at the Seahawks forum and it seems their fans are looking more at DL or DB for the 14th pick. Here is one comment from one of their more seasoned posters:

"We might have stopped the run but the pass defense was horrible due to poor safety play and no pass rush, both could be improved with a DE and S in the 1st round. I think everyone will agree with you about the OL needing to be fixed, just doing it after the 1st round since the defensive players coming out seem to be big game changers IMO..."

A lot of them are looking at DE or QB Clausen/Bradford with sixth pick and Earl Thomas at 14. If that is so, then we may have the choice of best available OT at 13 and Iupati or Spiller at 16/17 since the other teams in between don't look like they have a strong choice to pick either. Going to be interesting when draft day comes.
Long as they don't take Brandon Graham.
could you post a link to the forum you go to ?

i hate the rams and seahawks forums i've been on. you either have to make an account after a certain amount of views or the site just sucks (seahawks).
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