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Would Taylor Mays really be so bad?

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Mike Rumph Part 2.

Earnest, sincere, crushing hitter, played in a big-time program on national champiuoship teams, excellent straight line speed, durable, good character....

BUT, not instinctive, often takes poor line to the ball, not so adept at quick change of direction/mirroring. Missing "the quicks" needed for a DB.

But one important thing to take into consideration is that Mays will most likely be a SS. I think that makes a huge difference as he will be more important in the box as is Lewis. With our LB's, that's a lot of speed at the front 7 when the box is loaded.

Too bad teams usually don't have many reasons to load the box in the NFL these days. Mays should try and gain weight for LB.

i would not complain if we got him with our 2nd pick. hes not nearly as bad as most of you make him out to be. at USC he was a centerfeilder, he had to cover a lot of ground because most of the time he was the only "safety" thats why his INT numbers are low, he had a huge amount of ground to cover. he is like another LB and would make our defense even better in every way, with Patrick Willis, Goldson and Mays patrolling the middle WR's will not want to catch the ball unless its near a sideline. not my first choice but i wouldnt be mad if we land this guy.
The answer to your question is...Yes!!

We would be idiots to draft Mays at 13, 17, 49. Idiots!
Originally posted by MadDog49er:
The answer to your question is...Yes!!

We would be idiots to draft Mays at 13, 17, 49. Idiots!

Thank You

now where is the new big board?
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i pray that we dont pick mays, now i just hope carroll takes him

An makes him their "hard-hitting, center field FS" like he was at USC!
no but only if we have good DB coaches
I haven't read all 15 pages above, but I've seen videos of him speaking and I can tell he just isn't the smartest or most personable guy around.
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Originally posted by MadDog49er:
The answer to your question is...Yes!!

We would be idiots to draft Mays at 13, 17, 49. Idiots!

Why at 49?
I dont necessarily want him, but he does lay the wood similar to another Safety that we had that came from USC. I think he fits the Niners system a lot more than a smaller guy like Earl Thomas would, and a lot of mocks have the Niners drafting Thomas. I think if the Niners drafted Mays, they could sit him behind Lewis and have him learn how to play SS. He would probably play the same type of game that Lewis does inside the box.

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A lot of people are hating on Mays in this site.I think with the right coaching his lack of cover-skills and wrap up tackling will be solved. He has more physical talent then most people in this draft and it will show. Give Sing this off-season to work on it and you will see the difference. He will be feared by recievers going over the middle. You all hate now but if we draft him and its 3rd down 9 yards to go. arizona with the ball and Fitzgerald is going for the catch over the middle late in the game, and Mays lays him out on his back, all of you will be cheering about how great he is. I want him on this team. His upside is too good.
Last I checked we handled Arizona pretty well without Mays........

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A lot of noobs on this site haven't figured out how to use the search function. Dear God, please show them the way.
His closing speed makes up for his lack of ballhawk . You can teach ballhawk skills not closing speed its a gift!!! bottom line fastest guy on defense if picked!
I wouldn't mind drafting Taylor Mays. Maybe if we traded down from our 17th pick in round 1, and got an extra 3rd or 4th rounder.

He's a beast. He'd be the perfect SS.
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Originally posted by YourHuckleberry:

lol. looks like Burl Ives as the snowman in the Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer TV special

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