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Spiller v. Sheets?

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LOL. You are comparing an undrafted FA to a guy who will be a top 15 pick.

LOL. I think he is.

He is really pushing it
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A lot of guys have us picking Spiller, which would be great IMO, but we had a back like that in Sheets, again in my IMO, we let him go even though we were thin at R.B. Does Sing even want a back like Spiller? He could sure could help us in the Spread and Shotgun. Who knows where Sings head is now!

is this a joke?

there is no way we waste any picks from rounds 1-4 on a backup RB so cj spillers name shouldnt even be mentioned on this board.

p.s. i thought u guys were done upsessing over an undrafted free agent who will never have in impact in the NFL (sheets).

Why would Spiller be a waste? Because we have Coffee? Because he wouldn't be starting? Spiller would bring something this team needs and that is a playmaker with speed, who is multi-dimentsional. What if the titans thought how you did and didn't draft CJ cause they had White? Fact is if a player can contribute and make your team better in more than one phase of the game you draft him.

CJ Spiller would boost our return game,be an excellent 3rd down and change of pace back for Gore. He has excellent hands and is not afraid to run between the tackles. Did mention he was fast as in 4.3 fast (allegedly)?

Fact is spiller can help this team and I along with alot of people on this board would welcome him to the team with open arms.
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can you do a nate davis vs sam bradford post next?

Shoulder Surgeries
Bradford 2
Davis 0
Smith 2
What a joke! Obviously someone has a very limited grasp of how college football players and their stats translate into the NFL.

Even if players have similar styles or stats, you can't compare a udfa or late rounder to a top pick. Its like saying you can't use a Peyton Manning on your team because you already have Tim Rattay. Both had great numbers in college.

An elite talent change the equation, especially when its at an area of need. (kr and backup rb in Spiller's case), whereas Sheets was never more than a third stringer.
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