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do we really need....

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I've said it before and I will say it again....Leon Washington and Darren Sproles both very good offensive weapons for their teams and good returners. Both were 4rd round draft choices.

We can get a guy who can be a 3rd down back with good return skills in the middle rounds and spend our first 3 picks on OL/DL/DB/WR.

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We're not good enough to take a luxury pick
don't waste a first rounder on him... seems like he'll fall in the draft. we have more holes to fill in the draft then a kick returner.
So far I really like Spiller. But it depends how he grades out after the senior bowl and combine. Would you spend a 17th overall on Cribbs, Jackson or Sproles? If you answered yes then you should have no problem taking Spiller. As of now he's projecting to be that kind of game changing player. The fact he could make an immediate impact on special teams makes this a much safer pick. Having firepower on offense and special teams is not a luxury. It's a necessity to win championships.

Okay zoners have at it....

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Originally posted by SF69ers:
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Originally posted by SF69ers:
Do we really need another thread about this?

im just tried of reading about this guy...niners dont need to WASTE a pick on him.

I'm still in the "draft two offensive linemen in the 1st" bandwagon, but I wouldn't be mad if we drafted Spiller.

To have someone say that we don't NEED him is a bit ludicrous considering this guy would answer our Return Man issue, he would be a great 3rd down back and he can play the slot receiver. And what if Gore gets injured again? I'm still not convinced that Coffee can carry the load on his own.

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