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My first 7 round mock

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Originally posted by thejackal25:
Without any significant FA acquisitions and simply keeping the current players scheduled to become RFA, here is my first mock draft:

1a. Trent Williams OT- Addresses the most glaring need of the team. Paired with Staley, sets the team up for years of solid protection no matter who the QB of the future turns out to be.
1b. Mike Iupati OG- Provides an imposing force in the middle of the field that will bolster the running game and provide better protection in the middle.
2. Jerry Hughes OLB- Addresses pass rush, as Hughes can come in and become part of the platoon of OLBs that rotate in.
3. Javier Arenas CB/KR/PR- Becomes an instant threat on special teams while providing much needed depth behind Clements, Spencer, and Brown. An athletic dime back that can match up with team's 4th receiver.
4. Joe McKnight RB- Far less productive in college than expected. Has some physical skills to work with and could fit in well in spread situations. Provides a different element to the running game than Gore and Coffee. Draft stock is hurt by lack of productivity and a little bit of baggage.
5. Myron Rolle S- Provides depth at the safety position, especially for the aging Michael Lewis. Great instincts and smarts may overcome his lack of elite speed at the SS position. Immediate upgrade over Mark Roman.
6. Cam Thomas DT- Adds depth to defensive front. Excellent size at 6'3" and 320 lbs.
7. Joe Pawalek ILB- Adds depth behind Willis and Spikes. Player has shown he can be a tackling machine that plays with good physicality. At best a future TED. At worst, quality depth and special teams guy.

FS was not addressed as Goldson is given one more year as a starter as he appeared to develop a lot over the last few games of the season. The team will also see if Reggie Smith ever gets over the injury bug to become a contributor outside of preseason.

No QB was drafted as the team sticks with Smith for a season and continue to groom Nate Davis to see what they have in him.

I really like this draft. Addresses our needs and gets two starting linemen.
Good draft. If we fix the Oline many things will get better. Pass protection, running game, and a more rested Defense from less & outs.
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