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YOU are on the clock...

I think the collaborative mock drafts here on the zone are great, but they take so dang long. So along with the mock already in progress I think we should start another one and compare the two when they are both done. The difference here is that anyone can post a pick. So if you are reading this and you want to make the next pick just put your selection in and an explanation of why you chose that player. We'll keep it quick and simple, so there won't be any trades. PLEASE do NOT quote this original post or we will have to scroll down forever to get through the thread, just post your selection and I will copy and paste each selection and the explanation into the original post.

1. St. Louis (1-15): Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame (By Superbowl09)
I'll take the first pick and I think the Rams have no other decision than to go QB. Bulger is done and they have no one else behind him. They need to take their franchise QB when they have the chance. Suh is the other option, but I just don't think at DT he will make as big of an impact as a new QB an that team. DRAFT ON...

2. Detroit (2-14): Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska (By kunged)
They take the best player in the draft, I know they need a LT to protect all that QB investment, but I reckon there will be talent to be had later on in the draft. Suh will be dominant.

3. Tampa Bay (3-13): Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma (By kronik)
I think TB will focus on defense and take Gerald McCoy. Their other option may be FS Berry. They could go either way, but TB probably wants to get back to their formula when they were contenders by having dominating DT's. So McCoy is the pick.

4. Washington (4-12): Russell Okung, OT, Oklahoma State (By solidg2000)
while the sexy pick would be a QB, Mike would be a fool to pass up on improving the OL which has been hurt and needs plenty of help. Not only would this help the QB but it'll also help the RBs. The redskins have always been known for thier OL, and it's about time the focus goes back to the OL

5. Kansas City (4-12): Eric Berry, S, Tennessee (By DynastyPart2)

6. Seattle (5-11): Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma (By fip24)
Best QB is the country. Will have 1 year to learn and heal under Hasselbach

7. Cleveland (5-11): Joe Haden, CB, Florida (By Ninerjohn)
They have a huge need in the secondary and Haden is the best player available at the 7th pick.

8. Oakland (5-11): Bruce Campbell, OT, Maryland (By JD81)
Best available left tackle, and we all know that the Raiders need O-line help, regardless of which QB is under center.

9. Buffalo (6-10): Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma State (By DaveWilcox)
With TO not coming back, Bryant fills an obvious need and is a good value at this point.

10. Jacksonville^ (7-9): Derrick Morgan, DE, Georgia Tech (By Karma)
Jacksonville could have looked at Iupati here, but their most pressing need is getting pressure on the QB. Morgan is the best value for them at this pick.

11. Denver - from Chicago^ (7-9): Rolando McClain, ILB, Alabama (By Superbowl09)
With this pick Denver gets their Patrick Willis/Ray Lewis-type, stud ILB. He will be the identity of their defense for years to come and will indimidate opposing offenses. I think Mike Nolan would be with me on this pick.

12. Miami (7-9): Dan Williams, NT, Tennessee (By mayo63)
The Dolphins priority appears to be finding a nose tackle for their 3-4 scheme. This is a reach, but one that fills a vital need.

13. San Francisco (8-8): Brian Bulaga, OT, Iowa (By strickac)
We won't ignore RT again.

14. Seattle - from Denver (8-8): Anthony Davis, OT, Rutgers (By DaveWilcox)
Walters Jones has serious knee issues and hasn't played in over year. The Seahawks begin the process of rebuilding the OL. Anthony Davis is the top rated player on the board and Seattle is delighted to get him.

15. New York Giants (8-8): Earl Thomas, FS, Texas (By ChaunceyGardner)
ballhawk, productive with IR's and passes defended, a unique blend of instincts, fluidity and range in coverage and does a great job tracking the throw and coming down with the ball. The Giants need help in the middle of their pass defense and Thomas fits the need though probably a bit of a reach.

16. Tennessee^ (8-8): Carlos Dunlap, DE, Florida (By m_brockalexander)
Titans need help on at DE and there are two possibilities, Jason Pierre-Paul and Carlos Dunlap. The Titans select Carlos Dunlap DE Florida. Even with the checkered background, Dunlap is bigger and just as fast as Pierre-Paul. His upside is too big to pass on at this point in the first round.

17. San Francisco - from Carolina^ (8-8): Mike Iupati, G, Idaho (By kronik)
No more blitzes up the middle to worry about. Suh and Dockett doesn't scare us anymore.

18. Pittsburgh (9-7): Trent Williams, OT, Oklahoma (By DynastyPart2)
Their OL was horrible last year and in need of an upgrade, Williams is the easy pick here.

19. Atlanta^ (9-7): Jason Pierre-Paul, DE, South Florida (By Ninerjohn)
While they would love a great CB there just isnt one that is a value for the 20th pick. Pierre-Paul is athletic freak with huge pass rush potential.

20. Houston^ (9-7): C.J. Spiller, RB, Clemson (By AB83Rules)
Even though, Houston has Slaton, and Moats, they can't pass on Spiller, too great of a talent, will be their Chris Johnson. Other possibility is Taylor Mays.

21. Cincinnati* (10-6): Golden Tate, WR, Notre Dame (By Bay_Area_Fan)
Provides the Bengals with the deep threat they need to compliment Ocho Cinco.

22. New England* (10-6): Brandon Graham, DE, Michigan (By epdavis)
I think the Pats would take Brandon Graham over Huges or Kindle he just seems like a perfect fit for the Pats system he's hard working, has a non-stop motor, & nice size. Also a position the Pats are in need of is OL help if Iupati falls to them they will run his name to the podium.

23. Green Bay* (11-5): Charles Brown, OT, USC (By OnTheClock)
GB's defense was scorched by Warner. CB Jeb Bush is a serious liability in coverage. Kampman was hurt. GB needs to go BPA.

24. Philadelphia* (11-5): Taylor Mays, SS, USC (By Overkill)
I think the Eagles go defense after setting a franchise record in points with their O last year. They need help at DE, OLB, & S. Of those three, DE is actually the bigger need imo. But, as much as I dislike Mays, he is the BPA here and he plays a position of need.

25. Baltimore* (9-7): Arrelious Benn, WR, Illinois (By DynastyPart2)
The Ravens need to keep pace with the Colts and they have a nucleus to start, but Flacco needs more weapons to throw to. Benn is a BIG target (6'2", 220 lbs) which is why he is chosen over the smaller/speedier Tate.

26. Arizona* (10-6): Sergio Kindle, DE/OLB, Texas (By kronik)
They take BPA in 1 of their many need positions.

27. Dallas* (11-5): Patrick Robinson, CB, Florida State (By Ninerjohn)
I dont think there is a MLB, DL, S, or WR worth taking at this spot. Watching the game today should make it pretty obvious that they need CB help as well. With a clear need at CB and no OT or MLB worthy of selection here the Cowboys select Patrick Robinson.

28. San Diego* (13-3): Jahvid Best, RB, California (By teeohh)
They had a very poor run game this season, ranking among the worst, so I go with a RB here because I think LT is on his last legs.

29. New York Jets* (9-7): Marshawn Gilyard, WR/KR, Cincinnati (By OnTheClock)
No speed backs available, but a speedy KR/PR -- which the Jets need -- is available. They struggled to fill that hole when Leon Washington went down.

30. Minnesota* (12-4): Brian Price, DT, UCLA (By Bay_Area_Fan)
With the possibility of Pat Williams retiring, the Vikings select his replacement to keep their D-Line dominant.

31. New Orleans* (13-3): Sean Weatherspoon, OLB, Missouri (By GhostofFredDean74)
Saints can definitely use safety help with Sharper heading into free agency, but not sure what's left on the board is 1st round material.

32. Indianapolis* (14-2): Jared Odrick, DE/DT, Penn State (By epdavis)
Some might consider this a reach with his off the field issues but Odrick definitely has 1st rd talent & he won't be there when the Colts pick again. He is a perfect fit for the Colts def. in that he is a penetrating DT with a great first step that can get pressure on the QB.

33. St. Louis (1-15): Vladimir Ducasse, G, UMass (By Overkill)
The Rams are desperate for OL help after selecting Clausen, but they can't afford to reach for an OT here. Instead, they select Incognito's replacement.

34. Detroit (2-14): Jonathan Dwyer, RB, Georgia Tech (By kronik)
The Lions could go defense but elect to take BPA. Even before Kevin Smith's horrible injury, they need a thumper type RB.

35. Tampa Bay (3-13): Nate Allen, FS, South Florida (By OnTheClock)
Buccaneers struggled in coverage even with Talib and Barber. They got G. McCoy in the 1st, and have a young DL and LB corps, but Safety is a huge weakness. Tampa selects a fairly local product, FS Nate Allen of South Florida.

36. Kansas City (4-12): Jermaine Gresham, TE, Oklahoma (By GhostofFredDean74)
KC needs a LT, but the value isn't good here...instead, they choose a weapon for Cassell and select the #1 TE in the draft (and likely top 15 pick if he hadn't gotten injured)

37. Washington (4-12): Ryan Mathews, RB, Fresno State (By JD81)
With the Redskins addressing some of their offensive line woes with their first rounder, it's time to help out the rest of their abysmal offense. With Portis coming off injury and having tons of wear and tear, mixed with no real reserve threat, the Redskins select Fresno State RB Ryan Matthews.

38. Cleveland (5-11): Colt McCoy, QB, Texas (By kronik)
Holmgren gets a younger version of Hasselbeck to groom.

39. Oakland (5-11): Navorro Bowman, OLB, Penn State (By Ninerjohn)
The Raiders have a need at LB and select Penn St. linebacker Novarro Bowman. Great tackler and skills and the Raiders will not be scared off by his off field issues.

40. Seattle (5-11): Everson Griffen, DE, USC (By Superbowl09)
The Seahawks have addressed two major needs so far in this draft with getting a QB and a tackle in the first round. (Seahawks needs). They continue plugging up holes in their team by addressing the pass rush. This pick came between Everson Griffen and Greg Hardy, but I ended up choosing Griffen because Carroll knows him very well and because of Hardy‘s injury history. Griffen has shown flashes of a top 15 pick but has fallen to the second round because of his lack of consistency. He has a ton of potential, but still needs a lot of coaching to become an elite player in the NFL. Luckily he gets drafted by his old coach so he can seamlessly continue his progression as a pass rusher.

41. Buffalo (6-10): Jason Fox, OT, Miami (By Overkill)
The Bills starting OT's ranked 57 & 59 this year. 'Nuff said.

42. Tampa Bay - from Chicago^ (7-9): Corey Wootton, DE, Northwestern (By GhostofFredDean74)
In desperate need of a pass rush, the Bucs select DE Corey Wootton from Northwestern, who somehow mysteriously dropped out of the 1st round.

43. Miami (7-9): Jerry Hughes, OLB, TCU (By Ninerjohn)
Bill Parcells can never have enough OLB pass rushers in his 3-4 defense.

44. New England - from Jacksonville^ (7-9): Jon Asamoah, G, Illinois (By OnTheClock)
New England, in dire need of OL help with the possible depatures of either Mankins, Neal, or both -- selects OG Jon Asamoah, Illinois.

45. Denver (8-8): Brandon LaFell, WR, LSU (By DynastyPart2)
With the pending departure of Brandon Marshall the Broncos will need a replacement, they are ecstatic that the "other" Brandon falls to them.

46. New York Giants (8-8): Brandon Spikes, ILB, Florida (By OnTheClock)

47. New England - from Tennessee^ (8-8): Greg Hardy, DE, Ole Miss (By ninertico)

48. Carolina^ (8-8): Damian Williams, WR, USC (By epdavis)
Steve Smith has been the only real WR threat in Car. for to long I think that is part of Delhomme's int. problems. Williams is the most NFL ready WR in the draft he has great hands and a lot of scouts have described his route running as elite

49. San Francisco (8-8): ReShad Jones, S, Georgia. (By JD81)
I know many would want Mount Cody with this pick, but given the overall success of our front seven this season in terms of generating pressure and accumlating sacks, another DT isn't what is needed here. Aubrayo will most likely given a long term deal soon enough. Our defense had everything you could want this season, with the exception of consistent secondary play....ESPECIALLY at the strong safety spot (Mark Roman in Minnesota, anyone?). Roman figures to be gone, and Lewis may very well retire or see a decreased role next season due to numerous concussions. Jones is the smart pick here, contrary to what you may think.

50. Kansas City - from Atlanta^ (9-7): Maurkice Pouncey, C, Florida (By GhostofFredDean74)
KC needs to upgrade the o-line, so they select the top center in the draft.

51. Houston^ (9-7): Chad Jones, S, LSU (By Bay_Area_Fan)
The Houston Texans need some help in the secondary. They passed up on Taylor Mays in the 1st, so here they take Chad Jones, Safety, LSU.

52. Pittsburgh (9-7): Terrence Cody, NT, Alabama (By Overkill)
The Steelers are an organization built around defense and stopping the run. With Hampton possibly hitting FA, they look for his successor.

53. New England* (10-6): Joe McKnight, RB, USC (By kronik)
Faulk, Morris, Taylor are getting old. Bellicheat still doesn't seem to trust Maroney 100%.

54. Cincinnati* (10-6): Aaron Hernandez, TE, Miami (By Ninerjohn)
Cincy has a need for a playmaking TE and is very happy to find this type of player available to them in round 2. Hernandez is an elite pass receiver with excellent hands.

55. Philadelphia* (11-5): Ciron Black, OT, LSU (By GhostofFredDean74)
Andy Reid loves drafting lineman, especially if there almost as big as he is. The Eagles select OL Ciron Black from LSU, who could eventually take over for Justice at RT or slide inside at LG.

56. Green Bay* (11-5): Morgan Burnett, S, Georgia Tech (By solidg2000)
Green Bay needs help in their defensive backfield. Collins and Bigby are FA (RFA if the CBA isn't renewed) OTC has Burnett as a 1st round talent and is a need position. I not only think this is a BPA but fills a need.

57. Baltimore* (9-7): Donovan Warren, CB, Michigan (By Bay_Area_Fan)
CB is one of the Ravens bigger needs and Donovan Warren is very good value late in the 2nd round.

58. Arizona* (10-6): Brandon Ghee, CB, Wake Forest (By ChaunceyGardner)
Bump or off man coverage, NFL press corner, good closing speed and first step, big physical player, strength to re-route WR, explosive, 2nd gear, brings wood, great range, impressive straight line speed, flips hips well, uses frame to screen WR, footwork can get choppy, history of minor knee injuries. Not the biggest need but the highest rated player on the board for them.

59. Dallas* (11-5): Selvish Capers, OT, West Virginia (By Ninerjohn)
The Flo Adams show will end soon and the Cowboys take an OT that can play LT and has big time upside potential. He will sit and learn for 1-2 years and then become a starter and potential star.

60. San Diego* (13-3): Arthur Jones, DT, Syracuse (By Overkill)
Losing Jamal Williams to injury and Igor Olshansky to the Cowboys really hurt the Chargers run defense. Jones has the talent to be an excellent DE in the Chargers one-gap system and instantly shores up the run defense.

61. New York Jets* (9-7): Ricky Sapp, OLB, Clemson (By Bay_Area_Fan)
The Jets can't believe that Sapp fell all the way to the bottom of the 2nd. Sapp is not only the BPA but also fills a position of need since Vernon Gholston is a bust.

62. Minnesota* (12-4): Jevan Snead, QB, Ole Miss (By GhostofFredDean74)
Vikings are stacked everywhere, but could use some depth at CB. Instead, they go with the guy who many compare to a young Brett Favre, QB Jevan Snead from Ole' Miss. He sits under the hall of famer for a year and learns how to run the WCO, then takes over in 2011.

63. New Orleans* (13-3): Dominique Franks, CB, Oklahoma (By Ninerjohn)
The Saints consider moving Jenkins to S and with that grab one of the top CB's in this years draft. With the way the Saints score points other teams will need to throw the ball to keep up and the team can always use more secondary depth.

64. Indianapolis* (14-2): Perrish Cox, CB, Oklahoma St. (By kronik)
Cox is big, but not speedy. Perfect defensive system for him is the Colts Tampa 2 style defense where he'll play alot of zone.

65. St. Louis (1-15): Kyle Calloway, OT, Iowa (By OnTheClock)
Rams must draft a tackle for the right side.

66. Detroit (2-14): Kareem Jackson, CB, Alabama (By Bay_Area_Fan)
The Lions need some serious help on defense. Drafting Suh in the 1st was a great start. With this pick the Lions address the CB position. There are still a lot of talented CBs available (such as Arenas and Syd'Quan Thompson) so they have plenty to choose from and will get great value at the top of the 3rd round.

67. Tampa Bay (3-13): Eric Decker, WR, Minnesota (By solidg2000)
After getting their DT, DE, and S, All thats left is WR and CB. Eric had a good career in college that was cut short (this year) by injury.

68. Kansas City (4-12): George Selvie, OLB, South Florida (By m_brockalexander)
Kansas City needs pass rush help opposite Tamba Hali. He would be a decent gamble based on his phenomenal Sophomore and Junior campaigns.

69. Oakland (5-11): Mike Johnson, G, Alabama (By Ninerjohn)
The Oakland Raiders continue their OL overhaul. After taking Bruce Campbell in round 1 they now select Mike Johnson OG from Alabama.

70. Philadelphia - from Seattle (5-11): Rennie Curran, OLB, Georgia (By kronik)

71. Cleveland (5-11): Rob Gronkowski, TE, Arizona (By solidg2000)
While the browns did select a QB in this years draft, Brady Quinn will start in 2010. After saying that, Quinn loves to throw it to his TE. Since ending their services with Winslow Jr, they have not had a legit threat. Rob does/did have a back injury and that Is the only reason the browns get such great value with this pick

72. Buffalo (6-10): Tony Pike, QB, Cincinnati (By KRS-1)

73. Miami (7-9): Jordan Shipley, WR, Texas (By Ninerjohn)
After loading up in round 1 and 2 on the defensive side of the ball the Dolphins focus on offense and select WR Jordan Shipley Texas. Shipley gives the team much needed depth at the WR spot and should contribute right away at both WR and possibly as a returner if Ginn is traded. Shipley is a Parcells kind of guy.

74. Jacksonville^ (7-9) Tim Tebow, QB, Florida (By kronik)
Jacksonville runs to the podium with Tim Tebow's name on their card!

75. Chicago^ (7-9): TJ Ward, S, Oregon (By Overkill)
The Bears would love to take a DE here, but they need a 43 LDE and the value isn't there right now. They need S help after Aflava was exposed in coverage this year.

76. New York Giants (8-8): Vince Oghobasse, DT, Duke (By Ninerjohn)
The Giants are committed to improving their defense and it has shown with their first 2 picks. After Thomas and Spikes the G-Men now turn to the defensive line and select Vince Oghobasse DT from Duke. At 6'6" and 303 lbs this run stuffer is a perfect fit and will be part of the line rotation from Day 1.

77. Tennessee^ (8-8): Austen Lane, DE, Murray State (By OnTheClock)
The Titans would love to take a DT or LB here, but don't see the value. They do see another outstanding prospect sitting there for them. They begin to drool. With no consistent pass-rush this season and Kearse and Vanden Bosch both being FAs, Tennessee continues the overhaul and selects the physical freak, 6-6 258 pound DE Austen Lane of Murray State.

78. Carolina^ (8-8): Sean Canfield, QB, Oregon State (By kronik)

79. San Francisco (8-8): Dexter McCluster, WR, Ole Miss (GhostofFredDean74)
I tossed and turned over this one. On one hand, we could use a CB with return skills (we all know the names), but on the other, we could also use a burner with offensive flexibility, playmaking skills and the ability to handle special teams duties. Given that, the San Francisco 49ers select WR/KR/PR/RB Dexter McCluster from Ole' Miss. We now have our Desean Jackson!

80. Denver (8-8): Tyson Alualu, DT, California (By KRS-1)
They need to upgrade the DL talent to make the 3-4 work and get an experienced 5 technique.

81. Houston^ (9-7): Javier Arenas, CB/KR, Alabama (By Ninerjohn)
They consider Arenas to be the Best Player Available who will contribute in their nickle and dime packages as well as immediately in their return game. Spiller and Arenas.. Houston now has the best pair of kick returners in football.

82. Pittsburgh (9-7): Devin McCourty, CB/KR, Rutgers (By OnTheClock)
Pittsburgh was absolutely exposed in the secondary this year. Yes, some had to due with Polamalu's absence, but their corners did not get it done. They lost McFadden this last off-season and really didn't address that. Now they have an aging DeShea Townsend back there. Not only that, Pittsburgh struggled on ST's. Who could fix both of those problems? None other than CB/KR Devin McCourty of Rutgers.

83. Atlanta^ (9-7): Kyle Wilson, CB, Boise State (By ChaunceyGardner)
KR skills, decent size, relies on savvy, footwork raw but good closing speed, very coordinated in space, impressive lateral mobility, fluid with good hip flip

84. Cincinnati* (10-6): Major Wright, S, Florida (By Bay_Area_Fan)
With their first 2 picks they added some offensive firepower with Tate and Hernandez. Now they address the defensive side of the ball.

85. Oakland - from New England* (10-6): Lamarr Houston, DT, Texas (By KRS-1)
Oakland needs help on the line, especially in the middle. They have been horrible against the run for a few years now and it's time to try and improve that area.

86. Green Bay* (11-5): Trevard Lindley, CB, Kentucky (By Ninerjohn)
After getting torched in the playoffs and having injury and age concerns the Packers continue to overhaul their secondary. Lindley is a proven college star in the SEC and along with Morgan Burnett will provide depth in the backfield for the Pack.

87. Philadelphia* (11-5): Eric Norwood, OLB, South Carolina (By kronik)

88. Baltimore* (9-7): Lindsey Witten, DE, UConn (By GhostofFredDean74)
Ravens need a replacement for Suggs, so they turn to 6'5", 260lb DE Lindsey Witten from UConn.

89. Arizona* (10-6): Justin Walton, C, Baylor (By Ninerjohn)
After addressing needs on the defensive side of the ball in rounds 1 and 2 the Cards turn to the OL and select the top rated center in the draft.

90. Dallas* (11-5): Dezmon Briscoe, WR, Kansas (By OnTheClock)
Dallas fans absolutely hate WR Patrick Crayton. Not only has he shown a tendency to drop balls -- specifically wide open TD's, he muffed several kicks during the year. Dallas, knowing they can't put up with that anymore selects a guy who not only has far better hands, but is also an exponentially better return man.

91. San Diego* (13-3): Rodger Saffold, OT, Indiana (By GhostofFredDean74)
The Chargers are looking for an eventual replacement for McNeil or at worst, depth at OG/OT.

92. Cleveland - from New York Jets* (9-7): Toby Gerhardt, RB, Stanford (By Ninerjohn)
The Browns continue to add to the offensive side of the ball and get a perfect compliment to Jerome Harrision in their backfield. The Browns need a durable big back and Gerhardt fits the mold. Holmgren has a big smile on his face as the Browns make this pick.

93. Minnesota* (12-4): Sean Lee, ILB, Penn State (By OnTheClock)
Minnesota would be wise to upgrade CB and LB, especially with Henderson's injury. Even though they got Brinkley last year, they take the best available guy.

94. New Orleans* (13-3): CJ Wilson, DE, East Carolina (By Bay_Area_Fan)
The Saints could use some depth at D-Line.

95. Indianapolis* (14-2): Daryl Washington, ILB, TCU (By Ninerjohn)
Indy continues its focus on the defensive side of the ball with their 3rd defensive player. Adding depth at the LB position the Colts select Daryl Washington from TCU.

96. St. Louis (1-15): Anthony McCoy, TE, USC (By kronik)
The rams select their tight end of the future.

97. Detroit (2-14): Jermaine Cunningham, DE, Florida (By OnTheClock)
Lions look to continue to build that defense.

98. Tampa Bay (3-13): O'Brien Schofield, DE, Wisconsin (By Bay_Area_Fan)
Tampa Bay ranked 26th in the league in sacks. They need someone to get to the QB and Schofield can do just that. He is undersized for a DE and will probably just come in on passing downs, but in the 4th round he is worth it.

99. Kansas City (4-12): Edwin "Jared" Veldheer, OT, Hillsdale (By Ninerjohn)
Kansas City adds their 2nd OL in this draft with the selection of Edwin Veldheer OT Hillside College. Veldheer is a mountain of a man at 6'7" 321 lbs.

100. Washington (4-12): Roddrick Muckelroy, OLB, Texas (By OnTheClock)
I think Washington looks to add more talent at LB, drafting Orakpo's former teammate, OLB Roddrick Muckelroy.

101. Seattle (5-11): Anthony Dixon, RB, Mississippi State (By Bay_Area_Fan)
Seattle could use another RB so they take the best available one.

102. Cleveland (5-11): Lee Ziemba, OT, Auburn (By ChaunceyGardner)
Good length with long arms, good in space, needs development, good in-line blocker, RT prospect.

103. Oakland (5-11): Zane Beadles, OT/G, Utah (By smileyman)
In that case the Oakland Raiders go to the other side of the ball and draft Zane Beadles from Utah. Beadles started his collegiate career playing guard, which he excelled at before moving over to LT, which he also excelled at. He looks to be a guard in the NFL.

104. Buffalo (6-10): Alex Carrington, DE, Arkansas State (By OnTheClock)
Well, if Buffalo is back on, I'm going to say they look to improve their pass rush by selecting DE Alex Carrington of Arkansas State, who had 9 sacks and 14.5 TFL this year.

105. Jacksonville^ (7-9): Harry Coleman, SS, LSU (By Ninerjohn)
Jacksonville looks to upgrade their secondary. The teams help at both safety positions but not quite ready to give up on former first rd pick Reggie Nelson at FS. SO... the Jags select for SS Harry Coleman Safety from LSU. Coleman, nicknamed "hitman" was the MVP for LSU and will add much needed toughness to the soft Jaguar defense.

106. Chicago^ (7-9): Demaryius Thomas, WR, Georgia Tech (By Bay_Area_Fan)
Although he is very raw and really needs to work on his route running, I believe Thomas has the most potential to develop into a #1 receiver out of the remaining WRs. Has Brandon Marshall-esque size, and Jay Cutler can only hope that he develops into anything close to his former Bronco teammate.

107. Miami (7-9): Danario Alexander, WR, Missouri (By GhostofFredDean74)

108. Tennessee^ (8-8): Jacoby Ford, WR, Clemson (By Ninerjohn)
Tennessee solves a huge need at returner and gives Vince Young another weapon at WR with the selection of Jacoby Ford WR Clemson.

109. Carolina^ (8-8): Darrell Stuckey, SS, Kansas (By OnTheClock)
Carolina has a very good defense, but if you look at their LBs, all their talent is in the middle. Outside, they have James Anderson and Na'il Diggs. This needs to be corrected. (SS could be as well). They take the best player on their board, SS Darrell Stuckey of Kansas.

110. San Francisco (8-8): Syd'Quan Thompson, CB, California (By Superbowl09)
You can never have enough depth at the CB position. And I think Thompson would see the field quite a bit as a nickle CB and could develop into a very good cover corner in the NFL. His size is really the only thing that is really hurting his stock. Could also help in the return game.

111. Denver (8-8): Kam Chancellor, S, Virginia Tech (By Ninerjohn)
With their 4th round pick the Broncos select BPA at a postion where they can use some depth. They pick Kam Chancellor S from Virginia Tech. Chancellor was a star at the East-West Shrine game and should be able to play either SS or FS at the next level.

112. New York Giants (8-8): Matt Tennant, C, Boston College (By m_brockalexander)
The New York Giants offensive line was considered a major strength going into last season, but fell apart as the season went on. They take the best interior lineman still on the board.

113. Pittsburgh (9-7): Chris Cook, FS/CB, Virginia (By GhostofFredDean74)
Pitt needs DB depth, so they select Virginia's Chris Cook (free safety/CB combo) who should start making a move up the draft boards in the coming months.

114. Atlanta^ (9-7): Ed Dickson, TE, Oregon (By Ninerjohn)
After addressing needs on the defensive side of the ball in the first 2 rounds the Falcons move to the offensive side and grab Ed Dickson TE from Oregon. Dickson will be a 2nd TE in the offense and become #1 when Gonzo retires.

115. Houston^ (9-7): Mitch Petrus, G, Arkansas (By OnTheClock)
Houston bolsters the OL, selecting OG Mitch Petrus, Arkansas.

116. New England* (10-6): Walter Thurmond III, CB, Oregon (By ChaunceyGardner)
Press corner ready for NFL, gets good bump off line, mirrors well, good lateral speed, explosive first step, good angles, length to make plays, instinctive and locates ball quickly, fluid out of breaks, hard to separate from.

117. Cincinnati* (10-6): John Jerry, G, Mississippi (By Ninerjohn)
Cincinatti likes their OL BIG. So.. they add depth to their interior line with the selection of OG John Jerry from Mississippi. Perry is 6'5 " 352 lbs!!!!!!!!! His brother Peria was a first round pick last year by Atlanta.

118. Philadelphia* (11-5): Brandon Carter, G, Texas Tech (By OnTheClock)
Philadelphia also likes big linemen, and could use another guard.

119. Green Bay* (11-5): Jason Worilds, G, Virginia Tech (By GhostofFredDean74)
The Packers are looking for depth at OLB/DE, so they select Jason Worilds from VaTech.

120. Baltimore* (9-7): Jeff Owens, DT, Georgia (By m_brockalexander)
Ravens need to get some depth on their defensive line. Ravens select Jeff Owens DT Georgia 6' 1" 304 lbs.

121. Arizona* (10-6): Dennis Pitta, TE, BYU (By Ninerjohn)
Arizona has missed having a TE who is a productive pass catcher. They solve this problem by taking one of the best in the country. Arizona selects Dennis Pitta TE from BYU. He will immediatley contribute to the Cardinal offense and should be a starter from Day 1.

122. Dallas* (11-5): Cam Thomas, DT, North Carolina (By solidg2000)
Cam can give the Cowboys a true NT in their 3-4 system. Doing that will allow Pro Bowl DT/NT Jay Ratliff to move out to DE were he should be even more productive. That would also give the Cowboys some room to talk or deal Marcus Spears.

123. San Diego* (13-3): Jerome Murphy, CB, South Florida (By OnTheClock)
Amazed he's fallen this far, San Diego jumps at the chance to further bolster their CB depth by selecting CB Jerome Murphy of South Florida.

124. Philadelphia - from New York Jets* (9-7): Montario Hardesty, RB, Tennessee (By Ninerjohn)
Fearing that Brian Westbrook might be just about done the Philadelphia Eagles select RB Montario Hardesty from Tennessee to add depth to their running back corps.

125. Minnesota* (12-4): Amari Spievey, CB, Iowa (By GhostofFredDean74)
Looking for depth at cornerback, the Vikings select CB Amari Spievey from Iowa.

126. New Orleans* (13-3): Torrell Troup, DT, Forida (By OnTheClock)
Sedrick Ellis is great, but the Saints need another penetrating tackle alongside Ellis. They select the best on the board in Central Florida's DT Torrell Troup.

127. Indianapolis* (14-2): Tony Washington, OT, Abilene Christian (Ninerjohn)
After taking 3 defensive players the Colts decide to do something to help protect their franchise. They select OT Tony Washington 6'7' 305 from Abilene Christian. Washington was a First Team Little All American and will provide depth in his first year and a potential starter down the road.

128. St. Louis (1-15): Mike Williams, WR, Syracuse (By ChaunceyGardner)
Extremely gifted athlete, sure handed, explosive leaper with great high point, suspended due to academics, good burst off line, impressive 2nd gear, adjusts to ball well, has improved route running and footwork, needs development. They roll the dice here and take a potentially explosive offensive weapon to develop with their new QB.

129. Detroit (2-14): Chris Scott, OT, Tennessee (By GhostofFredDean74)
The Lions finally address their o-line by selecting versatile OL Chris Scott from Tennessee.

130. Cleveland - from Tampa Bay (3-13): Jeremy Williams, WR, Tulane (By Ninerjohn)
Cleveland continues their overhaul on the offensive side of the ball. They are surprised and elated that WR Jeremy Williams from Tulane is somehow still available in the 5th round and make him their selection.

131. Washington (4-12): Larry Asante, S, Nebraska (By Bay_Area_Fan)
Great value in the 5th round and addresses a position of need.

132. Kansas City (4-12): Linval Joseph, DT, East Carolina (By ChaunceyGardner)
Massive run plugger, productive and disruptive in TFL and QB hurries.

133. Cleveland (5-11): Willie Young, DE, North Carolina State (By GhostofFredDean74)
Looking for more depth at OLB/DE, the Browns select Willie Young, DE from North Carolina St.

134. Oakland (5-11): Micah Johnson, ILB, Kentucky (By OnTheClock)
Oakland needs help at linebacker, and could use a thumper in the middle. They select big-man ILB Micah Johnson, Kentucky.

135. Seattle (5-11): D'Anthony Smith, DT, Louisiana Tech. (By Ninerjohn)
Seattle moves back to the defensive side and selects D'Anthony Smith DT from Louisiana Tech. Smith, who is 6'2 307 lbs is the 71st rated player in the draft by Scouts Inc and will provide much needed depth on the DL for the Seahawks . He could see considerable playing time at this postion of need.

136. Buffalo (6-10): Dekoda Watson, OLB, Florida State (By kronik)
Buffalo needs more athleticism particularly at LB.

137. Chicago^ (7-9): Brian Jackson, CB, Oklahoma (By OnTheClock)
The Bears badly need both OL and CB help. The best player available is CB Brian Jackson, Oklahoma. They take him.

138. Kansas City - from Miami (7-9): Andre Roberts, WR, The Citadel (Ninerjohn)
Roberts is a Wes Welker clone who is a punt returner as well as a slot receiver. He has the ability to work the middle of the field and will add another weapon to the Chiefs offense along with Chambers and Bowe.

139. Jacksonville^ (7-9): Walter McFadden, CB, Auburn (By GhostofFredDean74)
Jags need depth at CB, so they choose Walter McFadden who had a solid senior year for Auburn.

140. Kansas City - from Carolina^ (8-8): Daryl Sharpton, ILB, Miami (By OnTheClock)
Kansas City is having a great draft thus far. Adding playmakers at SS and OLB, and a true NT for their 3-4 defense. Next step is upgrading the inside, where they have mediocrity in Demorrio Williams and Corey Mays starting. They first upgrade the MIKE spot, selecting ILB Daryl Sharpton of Miami.

141. San Francisco (8-8): Carlton Mitchell, WR, South Florida (By solidg2000)
I was looking for a DE that would fit our system but a fail to see one that has great value at this spot. Hell the only one that's left that I like is a 7th rounder with bloodlines in the NFL. Seeing as its way to early for that I looked at OLB, and the best VALUE is with Koa Misi out of Utah. But after countless hours I finally decided to go with my gut and continue to add speed and explosiveness to our offense...
He is graded as a late 2nd early 3rd round prospect by Draftscout and OTC has him as a 3rd round guy. No one on my list is ranked higher (that is available). He is ranked 68, with the next prospect at 84.

142. Detroit - from Denver (8-8): Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, CB, Indiana of Pennsylvania (By Ninerjohn)
Detroit already has taken a CB but with the worst pair of corners in football decide to take another. They select Akwasi Owusu-Ansah from Indiana Univ (PA). He can immediatley contribute as a kick returner and play in the nickle and dime sets from Day 1.

143. New York Giants (8-8): Thaddeus Gibson, OLB, Ohio State (By OnTheClock)
The Giants' linebackers struggled to get any sort of pressure on passers this year, amounting to a stunning mere 5.5 sacks combined. When the DL failed, the Giants could not get after opponents' QB's because they lacked a great pass-rusher on the outside that teams needed to also account for. To help with this issue, the Giants draft speedy OLB Thaddeus Gibson of Ohio State. (Who is also a player the 49ers could be eying, considering he's a hybrid player who played both standing up as well as with his hand in the ground at OSU).

144. Tennessee^ (8-8): Cameron Sheffield, OLB, Troy (By GhostofFredDean74)
Tennessee could use an OLB of the future, so they draft linebacker Cameron Sheffield from Troy, who's having a better senior bowl showing than his much more publicized teammate, Brandon Lang.

145. Atlanta^ (9-7): AJ Edds, ILB, Iowa
Atlanta has a great ILB in Curtis Lofton but needs an upgrade on the outside. They select one of the top Strongside Backers in college football ... AJ Edds Iowa

146. Houston^ (9-7): Mike Neal, DT, Purdue (By superbowl09)
This pick provides depth on the d-line right now, and in the future Neal could develop into a very good DT in their 4-3 front.

147. Pittsburgh (9-7): Koa Misi, OLB, Utah (By GhostofFredDean74)
Pittsburgh loves athletic LBs that can rush the passer, so they choose Koa Misi, DE/LB from Utah.

148. Cincinnati* (10-6): Perry Riley, OLB, LSU (By solidg2000)
The Bengals having already addressed many of their needs go to get some help at OLB.

149. Tampa Bay - from New England* (10-6): Myron Lewis, CB, Vanderbilt (By Ninerjohn)
Tampa Bay continues to their emphasis on the defensive side to get back to their glory days. They select CB Myron Lewis from Vanderbilt. Lewis is excellent in run support and a perfect fit for TB's cover 2 scheme.

150. Green Bay* (11-5): Marshall Newhouse, G, TCU (By OnTheClock)
Green Bay looks to add another OL. While he's not a great tackle prospect and needs to move inside in the NFL, he'll fit nicely there. Green Bay selects OG Marshall Newhouse of TCU.

151. St. Louis - from Philadelphia* (11-5): Brandon Lang, DE, Troy (By Bay_Area_Fan)
Rams finally address their defense and add a pass rusher who they hope can replace the aging Leonard Little.

152. Baltimore* (9-7): Andrew Quarless, Penn State (By Ninerjohn)
Baltimore has grown weary of Todd Heap's many injuries and needs an insurance policy and backup at TE. They select Andrew Quarless from Penn ST. He has first round type talent with a 6'5" 250 frame and runs a 4.59 40. He has had attitude issues which have dropped him to round 5 but Baltimore gets a stud athlete here.

153. Arizona* (10-6): Jarrett Brown, QB, WVU (By GhostofFredDean74)
With Warner's pending retirement, Arizona needs depth at QB and someone to backup the erratic Matt Leinart. The Cardinals select the very talented but extremely raw Jarret Brown, QB from WVU.

154. Oakland - from New England via Denver and Dallas* (11-5): Rahim Alem, DE, LSU (By OnTheClock)
Oakland could use a little help on the end. If I'm not mistaken, Richard Seymour may be leaving. As a result, the Raiders take DE Rahim Alem, LSU.

155. San Diego* (13-3): Myron Rolle, SS, Florida State (Ninerjohn)
San Diego takes the BPA on their board and a guy with high character ... they select Rhodes scholar Myron Rolle SS Florida State.

156. Cleveland - from New York Jets* (9-7): Robert Johnson, S, Utah (GhostofFredDean74)
Browns could use safety help, especially one with ball skills, so they select S Robert Johnson from Utah.

157. Minnesota* (12-4): Thomas Austin, G/C, Clemson (By OnTheClock)
The Vikings, who only have two guards on their roster (Anthony Herrera and aging veteran Hutchinson) realize they need to add some depth. They do so by selecting OG/C Thomas Austin of Clemson.

158. New York Jets - from Philadelphia via New Orleans* (13-3): Corey Peters, DE, Kentucky (By Ninerjohn)
The Jets look for depth on the DL and an eventual replacement for their 3-4 DE positon with the selection of Corey Peters from Kentucky. Peters, 6'3" 295 played DT in college but should be able to transition to DE in the NFL.

159. Indianapolis* (14-2): Jeff Byers, G/C, USC (By GhostofFredDean)
Indy is always looking for smaller, versatile and intelligent o-lineman to play the interior, so they draft OG/OC Jeff Byers from USC.

160. St. Louis (1-15): Kevin Basped, DE/OLB, Nevada (By OnTheClock)
Last year, the Rams addressed the middle linebacker spot by selecting James Laurinaitis. This year, they fix the outside. They add someone with great size and speed, selecting 6-6 240 pound DE/OLB Kevin Basped of Nevada.

161. Detroit (2-14): Kurt Coleman, S, Ohio State (By Ninerjohn)
The Detroit Lions have selected 2 corners in their attempt to shore up their secondary. They now take a SS to the group with the selection of All American Kurt Coleman from Ohio State. Coleman was a first team Sporting News All American at safety along with Eric Berry. With 5 draftees on the defensive side the Lions are ready to roar. LOL

162. Tampa Bay (3-13): Kavell Conner, OLB, Clemson (By solidg2000)
Even though the Bucs already selected DE/OLB Schofield, he has been injured at the Senior Bowl and will likely miss the season. Conner equals insurance policy.

163. Kansas City (4-12): Kade Weston, NT, Georgia (By GhostofFredDean74)
Adding to an already stellar draft, the Kansas City Chiefs select wide body (6'5", 325) and suprisingly athletic, Kade Weston, NT from Georgia.

164. Miami - from Washington (4-12): Pat Angerer, ILB, Iowa (By Ninerjohn)
Miami adds depth to their linebacker core with the selection of one of the top inside linebackers in the country.... Pat Angerer from Iowa. Angerer will have a chance to play right away as the Dolphins need an upgrade at the inside spot.

165. Carolina - from Oakland (5-11): Clifton Geathers, DE, South Carolina (By OnTheClock)
After taking SS Stuckey, QB Canfield, and WR Damian Williams, they look to balance out with another defensive pick. This time they address the DL, selecting semi-local product, 6-7 281 pound DE Clifton Geathers of South Carolina.

166. Seattle (5-11): Taylor Price, WR, Ohio (By Superbowl09)
Price is coming off a good week of practice at the senior bowl and could be a good project at the WR position for Seattle. He could also contribute immediately in the return game.

167. Cleveland (5-11): Jamar Cheney, ILB, Mississippi State (Ninerjohn)
Cleveland has had a great draft on both sides of the ball. They now add a player for depth to the linebacker corps. The Browns select ILB Jamar Cheney from Mississippi St. Chaney has the versatility to play either inside position and will also contribute on special teams.

168. Buffalo (6-10): Geno Atkins, DT, Gerogia (By OnTheClock)
The Bills look to add DT depth by adding Georgia's Geno Atkins, who had 10.5 TFL and 3 sacks this year.

169. Miami (7-9): Ed Wang, OT, Miami (By teeohh)
Dolphins select OT Ed Wang because of his last name

170. Jacksonville^ (7-9): Eric Olsen, C, Notre Dame (By Ninerjohn)
Jacksonville adds much needed depth to their interior OL with the selection of C Eric Olsen from Notre Dame. Olsen was the one OL on the Notre Dame team that performed well week in and week out.

171. Chicago^ (7-9): Adam Ulatoski, OT, Texas (By OnTheClock)
It's about time the Bears address the OL. Unfortunately it's slim pickings now, but they select Texas's OT Adam Ulatoski in hopes that he can be developed into a solid OL.

172. San Francisco (8-8): Dan LeFevour, QB, Central Michigan (By Bay_Area_Fan)
In the 6th round the Niners go BPA. IMO, the BPA came down to Dan LeFevour and Ben Tate. You can never have too many QBs and I don't believe Shaun Hill has much of a future left with the Niners. After a strong performance in the Senior Bowl the Niners select Dan LeFevour, QB, Central Michigan.

173. Denver (8-8): Zac Robinson, QB, Oklahoma State (By Ninerjohn)
When your backup QB is Chris Simms its time to draft a QB. The Broncos select the QB who looked the best in the Senior Bowl. They select Zac Robinson QB Oklahoma St.

174. New York Giants (8-8): Alterraun Verner, CB, UCLA (By GhostofFredDean)
Giants see a gifted DB still on the board, so they select UCLA cornerback, Alterraun Verner.

75. Tennessee^ (8-8): Donald Butler, ILB, Washington (By OnTheClock)

176. Cleveland - from Carolina^ (8-8): Terrell Skinner, S, Maryland (By GhostofFredDean74)
Browns could use some help in the defensive backfield, so they select Terrell Skinner, Safety from Maryland.

177. Houston^ (9-7): Freddy Barnes, WR, Bowling Green (By solidg2000)
This is not a huge need, they have decent players at the possition but can always improve after their #1 guy.

178. Pittsburgh (9-7): Sergio Render, OG, Virginia Tech (By Ninerjohn)
Pittsburgh has focused on the defensive side of the ball but add their 2nd OL with the selection of Sergio Render OG from Virginia Tech. Render did not have a good Bowl week but has the size to be worth selecting at this point in the draft. He made 2nd team ALL ACC for the 2nd year in a row.

179. Atlanta^ (9-7): Cord Howard, G, Georgia Tech (By OnTheClock)
Atlanta could go two ways here, OL depth or Secondary depth. They opt for the first option, and take local product OG Cord Howard, Georgia Tech.

180. New England* (10-6): Antonio Brown, WR, Central Michigan (By GhostofFredDean)
New England could use an o-lineman here, but finds better value in Central Michigan WR/special teams ace, Antonio Brown.

181. Cincinnati* (10-6): Jay Ross, NT, East Carolina (By Ninerjohn)
Cincinnati has fixed many of their needs in this draft but still has some uncertainty at NT. They select NT Jay Ross from East Carolina for depth on the DL and for insurance should Tank Williams leave.

182. Buffalo - from Philadelphia* (11-5): Jimmy Graham, TE, Miami (By OnTheClock)
Buffalo could definitely use a big athletic tight end on offense. They select 6-7 260 pound TE Jimmy Graham of Miami, who some say could develop into the next Antonio Gates. He was a hot riser at the Senior Bowl, catching everything in sight, adding to his already highly-recognized blocking ability. Exceptional value here.

183. Green Bay* (11-5): Joique Bell, RB, Wayne State (By solidg2000)
A Green is currently the #2 RB, nuff said.

184. Baltimore* (9-7): Blair White, WR, Michigan State (By Ninerjohn)
Baltimore has already drafted 1 WR but looks to add 2 in this years draft. With that in mind, the Ravens select Blair White WR from Michigan State with their 6th round pick.

185. Arizona* (10-6): Jeffrey Fitzgerald, DE, Kansas State (By OnTheClock)
With Betrand Berry's departure, the Cardinals decide to add more DL depth by selecting DE Jeffrey Fitzgerald from Kansas State. Fitzgerald racked up 7 sacks, 10 TFL, 3 Forced Fumbles, and returned an interception 17 yards for a touchdown this year.

186. Dallas* (11-5): Antonio Coleman, DE/OLB, Auburn (By GhostofFredDean74)
Hoping to get lucky again with a late round War Eagle (Jay Ratliff in 2005), the Cowgirls select DE/OLB Antonio Coleman from Auburn.

187. Houston - from San Diego* (13-3): Bill Stull, QB, University of Pittsburgh (By Ninerjohn)
The Texans have addressed almost all of their critical needs in the draft but one still remains. What happens if Matt Schaub goes down. Rex Grossman isnt the answer so the Texans select QB Bill Stull from University of Pittsburgh. Stull completed over 65% of his attempts in a pro style offense and has the skills to be a strong backup in the NFL.

188. New York Jets* (9-7): Joshua Moore, CB, Kansas State (By OnTheClock)
The Jets, knowing they will lose some DB depth this off-season, are elated and sprint with their card to the podium, selecting the best player on the board in Kansas State CB, Joshua Moore. Moore has an exceptionally quick break on the ball and terrific recovery speed. Not only that, he displays tremendous ability in run support, and is not afraid to stick his nose in any play. Moore is a physically and mentally tough player. Over the past two seasons, he has a total of 9.5 TFL and 2 sacks, to go along with 23 pass break-ups, with back to back years of 11 or more.

189. Minnesota* (12-4): LeGarrette Blount, RB, Oregon (By solidg2000)
Chester Taylor is 30, and going down. Averaging only 3.9 per carry. Blount is a great talent and move surprisingly well for a 240 lb RB. Everyone remembers the one punch knockout, and he needs to be surounded by great veteran leadership, Minnesota is the perfect place. The questions have never been about what he does on the field, and now he gets his chance to put it all behind him.

190. New Orleans* (13-3): Ben Tate, RB, Auburn (By Bay_Area_Fan)
With Pierre Thomas and Mike Bell both being free agents, and the possibility of Reggie Bush going elsewhere, the Saints take the best available RB.

191. Philadelphia - from Indianapolis* (14-2): Devin Ross, CB, Arizona (By Ninerjohn)
The Eagles have a terrific pair of corners in Asante Samuel and Sheldon Brown but could really use depth at the positon. So... they select CB Devin Ross from Arizona who some have projected to go a round or two higher. Ross was 2nd team and honorable mention All Pac 10 the last 2 years.

192. St. Louis (1-15): Barry Church, S, Toledo (By GhostofFredDean74)
Kicking off the last round of the 2010 YAOTC draft, the Rams add depth to their battered secondary by selecting SS Barry Church of Toledo.

193. Detroit (2-14): Kyle McCarthy, S, Notre Dame (By OnTheClock)
The Lions breathe a sigh of relief knowing the player they wanted wasn't just taken. They hurry to select one of the most underrated defensive backs in the country, SS Kyle McCarthy of Notre Dame.

194. Tampa Bay (3-13): Sam Young, OT, Notre Dame (By Ninerjohn)
Tampa Bay has drafted almost entirely on the defensive side of the ball but now turn to the OL. They are amazed that a huge OT with skills is still available and select Notre Dame's Sam Young. The 6'8" monster will provide depth on the OL and get the needed coaching to eventually protect Josh Freeman.

195. Washington (4-12): Chris Marinelli, OT, Stanford (By Bay_Area_Fan)
Washington Redskins add to the O-Line and select Chris Marinelli, OT, Stanford

196. Miami - from Kansas City (4-12): Lonyae Miller, RB, Fresno State (By GhostofFredDean74)
Miami gets a little insurance for the injured Ronnie Brown and aging Ricky Williams; they pick Lonyae Miller, RB from Fresno St.

197. Seattle (5-11): Kendrick Lewis, S, Mississippi (By Ninerjohn)
Seattle isn’t thrilled with their safety play and add FS Kendrick Lewis from Mississippi for depth in their backfield.

198. Cleveland (5-11): Mike Tepper, OT/G, California (By solidg2000)
Depth in the line.

199. Oakland (5-11): Nate Collins, DT, Virginia (By OnTheClock)
Oakland debated taking one of the more talented athletes in Penn State's A.J. Wallace, but opts to take a different athlete of higher value. He had an outstanding Shrine week, and his name is Nate Collins -- DT, Virginia.

200. Buffalo (6-10): Shaun Lauvao, G, Arizona State (By Ninerjohn)
Buffalo has added some tremendous weapons on offense but can still use additional depth on the OL. They select perhaps the last guard worth selecting in this draft in Shaun Lauvao OG from Arizona St.

201. Tampa Bay - from Jacksonville^ (7-9): Riley Cooper, WR, Florida (By Bay_Area_Fan)
Tampa Bay adds another WR and take Riley Cooper from Florida.

202. Chicago^ (7-9): Reggie Stephens, G, Iowa State (By solidg2000)
Honorable mention All-Big 12. Can play both center and guard.

203. Miami (7-9): Derek Hardman, OT, Eastern Kentucky (By OnTheClock)
The Dolphins select another tackle who can play every position along the line, versatile FCS 1st-Team All American, OT Derek Hardman of Eastern Kentucky.

204. Denver (8-8): Tony Moeaki, TE, Iowa (By Ninerjohn)
Denver could use depth at TE and is excited to see that the BPA is TE Tony Moeaki from Iowa. He was First Team All Big Ten and is the selection in the 7th round for the Broncos.

205. New York Giants (8-8): Kevin Haslam, OT, Rutgers (By Bay_Area_Fan)
NY Giants need some depth in the O-Line. They select a local guy, Kevin Haslam, OT, Rutgers.

206. Tennessee^ (8-8): Travis Ivey, DT, Maryland (By solidg2000)
Titans have a large group of small DTs. Average weight of 295 lbs. But what made them successful was a large space eating piece of fat in the middle. This is the best large fat ass available. Bigger fat asses include Kellen Heard DT/OT Memphis 6-6 355 and Roger Morris DT Tennessee State 6-5 350 but they should not be drafted at all.

207. Carolina^ (8-8): Ekom Udofia, NT, Stanford (By Ninerjohn)
This draft for Carolina shows why a team should never trade a future first round pick. They have missed out on some great talent and have had some questionable selections. In the 7th round they select NT Ekom Udofia from Stanford. They expect him to contribute right away to help with their horrible run defense.

208. San Francisco (8-8): Arthur Moats, DE/OLB, James Madison (By OnTheClock)
Moats has been an absolute monster in the FCS, garnering CAA Defensive Player of the Year honors after putting up an eye-popping 23.5 Tackles For Loss, along with 11 sacks, 1 FF, and 1 FR which he returned 68 yards for a touchdown this year. Another FCS 1st-Team All American, Moats is sort of a poor-man's Brandon Graham, and he has racked up back to back years of double-digit sacks and at least 15 TFL. He will need to adjust to dropping into coverage in the NFL, but that's what coaches are for. He has all the talent and athleticism in the world and figures to clock in the 4.5's at the combine. Moats is catching the eyes of scouts at the Texas vs. Nation practices, being regarded as a player who can bring the heat on quarterbacks every time they drop back. In Moats, the 49ers land their first pass-rushing prospect in the draft, and a guy who has tremendous upside and potential.

209. Pittsburgh (9-7): Lorenzo Washington, DT, Alabama (By GhostofFredDean74)
Washington played a little NT for the Tide in Cody's absence, but mostly as an anchor 4-3 DE. He will compete for a Steeler roster spot as a 3-4 DE.

210. St. Louis - from Atlanta^ (9-7): Sherrick McManus, CB, Northwestern University (By Ninerjohn)
St Louis has had a very strong draft on both sides of the ball but have not addressed their cornerback situation which is shaky at best. They select CB Sherrick McManus from Northwestern University. McManus has very good speed (4.48) and picked off 5 balls this past year for the Wildcats.

211. Houston^ (9-7): Thomas Welch, OT, Vanderbilt (By OnTheClock)
The Texans add more OL depth.

212. Cincinnati* (10-6): Jonathan Crompton, QB,
They have no Real back up to Palmer. Just Turn Over and Little Palmer aren't worth keeping. And besides if he ever plays in a game you will hear "TD 85, and that pass my friends came straight out of Crompton!"

213. New England* (10-6): Colin Peek, TE, Alabama (By Ninerjohn)
New England has a concern at TE given that Ben Watson might choose to leave via free agency. They are excited to see that TE Colin Peek from Alabama is still available and select him with their 7th round pick.

214. Green Bay* (11-5): Trindon Holliday, WR/KR, LSU (By Bay_Area_Fan)
The Green Bay Packers still lack a return specialist so they select one of the best out there, Trindon Holliday from LSU.

215. New England - from Philadelphia* (11-5): Martin Tevaseu, NT, UNLV (By OnTheClock)
The Patriots have no problem stock-piling players at certain positions. They take a promising NT prospect with a great deal of upside in Martin Tevaseu, UNLV.

216. Baltimore* (9-7): Justin Woodall, S, Alabama (By Ninerjohn)
Baltimore adds depth to their safety position with the selection of SS Justin Woodall from National Champion Alabama. Woodley, 6'2" 220 had 45 tackles and 3 picks for the Tide.

217. Arizona* (10-6): Reggie Carter, ILB, UCLA (By GhostofFredDean74)
They could use someone to come in and challenge for a roster spot at inside linebacker, so they select ILB Reggie Carter from UCLA.

218. Dallas* (11-5): Brandon Banks, WR, Kansas State (By Bay_Area_Fan)
Dallas could use some help in their return game and they've never been shy about taking a chance on a player with character issues.

219. San Diego* (13-3): Danny Batten, DE/OLB, South Dakota State (By solidg2000)

220. New York Jets* (9-7): Garrett Graham, TE/FB, Wisconsin (By Ninerjohn)
The NY Jets select the player who is the highest rated player on their board... TE/FB Garrett Graham from Wisconsin. Tony Richardson is 38 yrs old so a new FB is a need but Graham can also provide another target for Sanchez at the TE spot.

221. Minnesota* (12-4): Michael Hoomanawanui, TE, Illinois (By GhostofFredDean)
The Vikings pick up a nice blocking TE by selecting Michael Hoomanawanui from Illinois.

222. New Orleans* (13-3): Ted Larsen, C/G, North Carolina State (By Bay_Area_Fan)
The Saints need some offensive line depth so they select Ted Larsen, C/OG, North Carolina State.

223. Indianapolis* (14-2): Mick Williams, DT, Pittsburgh (By OnTheClock)
The Colts, with this year's Mr. Irrelevant, pick a guy with a lot of talent and who I recently wrote about. With the last pick in the draft, the Indianapolis Colts select DT Mick Williams, Pittsburgh.

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Lions- I think Suh.

They take the best player in the draft, I know they need a LT to protect all that QB investment, but I reckon there will be talent to be had later on in the draft. Suh will be dominant
I think TB will focus on defense and take Gerald McCoy. Their other option may be FS Berry. They could go either way, but TB probably wants to get back to their formula when they were contenders by having dominating DT's. So McCoy is the pick.
Who wants the skins?
Washington Redskins select
Russell Okung
OT Oklahoma state
while the sexy pick would be a QB, Mike would be a fool to pass up on improving the OL which has been hurt and needs plenty of help. Not only would this help the QB but it'll also help the RBs. The redskins have always been known for thier OL, and it's about time the focus goes back to the OL
Kansas City takes Eric Berry.

So how does this work, do I draft fro KC the rest of the way?
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Seattle akes Sam Bradford. Best QB is the country. Will have 1 year to learn and heal under Hasselbach
Originally posted by solidg2000:
Washington Redskins select
Russell Okung
OT Oklahoma state
while the sexy pick would be a QB, Mike would be a fool to pass up on improving the OL which has been hurt and needs plenty of help. Not only would this help the QB but it'll also help the RBs. The redskins have always been known for thier OL, and it's about time the focus goes back to the OL

Definitely. The Skin's Oline is a mess. Shanahan is better than anyone at finding players to fit his zone blocking scheme, but he still needs a LT he can trust. This is an easy choice IMO.

Bradford will be tempting though. Every coach wants to claim his franchise QB. If for no better reason, it would buy Shanny a few years while his young QB develops. I just feel Cambell fits Shanny's perfectly and I could see him giving Jason a season to prove himself.
What would make this even faster would be to start a poll for each pick. List about 10 prospects and once you get enough votes (~25-30), make the selection and move on to the next pick.
Or you can add that you can make a selection again after 3 picks have been made since your own
ex. If I picked #1 I could not pick again until #5
see 3 picks in between

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Or you can add that you can make a selection again after 3 picks have been made since your own
ex. If I picked #1 I could not pick again until #5
see 3 picks in between

How about this, your picks have to be separated by 10 picks and with a different teams. So if you picked at 3, you could pick again at 13. Sound good?

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Originally posted by solidg2000:
Or you can add that you can make a selection again after 3 picks have been made since your own
ex. If I picked #1 I could not pick again until #5
see 3 picks in between

How about this, your picks have to be separated by 10 picks and with a different teams. So if you picked at 3, you could pick again at 13. Sound good?

I'm fine with that. That means I get to pick the 49ers first pick.
Cleveland selects Joe Haden. They have a huge need in the secondary and Haden is the best player available at the 7th pick.
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Originally posted by solidg2000:
Or you can add that you can make a selection again after 3 picks have been made since your own
ex. If I picked #1 I could not pick again until #5
see 3 picks in between

How about this, your picks have to be separated by 10 picks and with a different teams. So if you picked at 3, you could pick again at 13. Sound good?

I'm fine with that. That means I get to pick the 49ers first pick.

Unless someone posts the pick first. It's first come first serve in this mock. No assigned teams. Good luck.
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Originally posted by solidg2000:
Or you can add that you can make a selection again after 3 picks have been made since your own
ex. If I picked #1 I could not pick again until #5
see 3 picks in between

How about this, your picks have to be separated by 10 picks and with a different teams. So if you picked at 3, you could pick again at 13. Sound good?

I'm fine with that. That means I get to pick the 49ers first pick.

Unless someone posts the pick first. It's first come first serve in this mock. No assigned teams. Good luck.

yea, forgot to add that.
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