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Hey here's the DARKHORSE!

But will he go John Frank on us and retire early to become a surgeon?
Originally posted by GhostofFredDean74:
I was never overly impressed with Rolle as a player...he's a great athlete and came to FSU with a lot of hype surrounding him. He just doesn't seem to have the speed to be a truly effective NFL safety though, and I don't recall him being much of a playmaker either. Who knows, he might end up spending a few years in the NFL as an OLB/special teamer before he goes into business/politics.

I admire and respect his intellect, and he has a great personal story...but as a professional football player, I'm not totally sold on either his skill-set or his dedication to the sport.

This... plus it will have been about 2 years since his last game before the season starts.

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