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Originally posted by Overkill:
Originally posted by Kolohe:
Originally posted by smileyman:
Originally posted by GoldenGateFan:
Sorry, but I hate these picks. Not anything wrong with these prospects, I just do not like the individual people or there style. Earl Thomas is too small, Bulaga is a terrible run blocker, and Shipley is mediocre.

Earl Thomas is 5'10, 197 lbs.

Jarius Byrd is 5'10, 200 lbs

Nick Collins is 5'11, 207 lbs

Antoine Beathea is 5'11, 203lbs

IN other words Thoms is proto-typical size for a FS.

Bulaga is a great run blocker

Watch this video and tell me again that Bulaga isn't a great run blocker

Shipley has great hands and great speed after the catch. He'd be a good pickup

Your forgetting:

Troy Polamalu 5'10" 207

James Sanders 5'10" 210

Jim Leonhard 5'8" 190

Brandon Meriweather 5'11" 200 - who actually looks shorter than that.

Mike Brown 5'10" 207

I think we need to wait for the combine before believing Earl Thomas is as big as listed. Dude looked tiny against Alabama. Not saying I wouldn't take him at 16/17, just that 13 may be a bit high.

BTW, Polamalu was a better prospect and still went 16th overall. Did any of those guys listed go top 15?

The case at hand is not about who was the better prospect coming out or where they were drafted. Its about whether Thomas being too small or short. But your right about one thing we need to wait for the Combine, but not just for Thomas, for all prospects, which in most cases makes or breaks a players draft status. Which is another reason not to buy into all this pre-draft hype and rankings just yet.
Originally posted by smileyman:
Originally posted by SF69ers:
It's obvious how bias you are against Haden. We had this argument before and you posted youtube videos as your defense as to way Haden is not a great talent. That plays you provided (i believe there were only THREE plays), only ONE was his fault. The others, the defense was either playing a zone and the last play, he made a great play on the ball that would've been a touchdown had he not jumped the route.

Haden is a very good corner, but we all know he's not a shutdown corner. There's only one out there and that's Darelle Revis. It's very hard to find a true shutdown corner, or whatever that means. But Haden has great closing speed, he helps out in run support, and plays great in man to man.

Yeah my bias against him comes from watching the games he's played where he's not done well. He doesn't have great coverage and I've shown evidence as tow hy I think that's the case--yet nobody has shown me evidence to support their claim that he's going to be a star in the league. He does a decent to average job against college wide receivers. That's going to translate to a below average to poor job against NFL wide receivers. And people want to draft hi min the first round.

This is insanity! Are you comparing Haden and Revis - or saying that Haden is a bad corner? Is he Revis, NO. But neither is anyone else. Haden is going to be a top 7 pick and have a great career. His combine will determine how high he goes. Florida's defensive scheme very often left him in a position where he had to be over agressive. Put him in a pro defense where he can just focus on locking down the guy in front of him and I believe you will see a different level of play from him. And PS - Major Wright is a great safety?!?!?! I went to UF and even I know this is crazy talk. We should count our lucky stars and run to the podium if Haden falls to us - cause I don't know if you've noticed, but "LOCKDOWN" Nate ain't been that great of late.
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Originally posted by Rathman_44:
We should count our lucky stars and run to the podium if Haden falls to us - cause I don't know if you've noticed, but "LOCKDOWN" Nate ain't been that great of late.

In case you didn't notice "LOCKDOWN" Nate (your words, not mine) was injured for most of the year.

But before he got injured he was on pace to have a top 10 year. Let's look at the numbers shall we?

Darrelle Revis--37 PD
Jarius Byrd--9 INTs
Richard Marshall--88 Tackles

These are the top three in those categories

Clements played in 6 games and recorded these stats

Passes Defended--7

Now if we extrapolate out to a full season that puts him at 93 tackles (which would be best among all DBs), 19 PD and 3 INTs. In other words he would have been a good to great DB.

Regarding Joe Haden see my other post. His college stats do not put him head and shoulders above the other DBs coming out and he's got a much better front 7 than most of them do.
Originally posted by bigwads:
S, OT and OLB have to may our main goals. Take the BPA at the pick.

We are going to end up with two of those three positions in the first round and none of us know in what order or who the player will be.

And OG. Despite the prejudice against drafting guards early, we need one and maybe even two starters this year, if Rachal doesn't pull it together quickly.
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