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1st offseason mock

FA: Unfortinatly without a new CBA it'll be slim pickings this year. I believe taking care of some inhouse players is more of the priority. I would really be surprised to see any big FA splash. I'd like to see what other guards are out there. Mankins will be a RFA and I hear will tender a 1st rd pick. For that I say no thanks. I'll update this mock when I have a better feel of the FA's that'll be available. I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts!

TAG: Aurbio Franklin: He had a great year and was pro bowl worthy IMO. Let's see if he can do it again before we sign the mulit-year deal.


David Baas: He brings depth and we won't be sure how the draft will go.

Amhad Brooks: One of the big bright spots at the end of the season. Let's see how he does next year before calling him the mesiah.

Marcus Hudson: Probably won't get a lot of attention. Seems to be developing. Another guy who will be cheap to tender and can make a decision on next season.

Draft: RDS 1-3

This is assuming there is a traditional run on OT's. Okung, Campbell, and Davis are gone. I think it's a good chance Haden will be gone by #13.

1a. C.J. Spiller, RB: Seems like a human highlight reel. Change of pace back with amazing KR/PR abilities and his speed kills. Also displays great hands and can line up in the slot. Could bring some of the explosivness our offense is missing.

1b. Bryan Bulaga, OT: Just declared for the draft. The more I read and see of him the more I like him. Physical, aggressive, good laterial quickness, uses hands well, and has good size, 6'6" 315lbs. Developing in run blocking and has quickness/strength to reach second level and keeps good balance. Starting RT from day 1!

Here's an article. A little old but still good.

2. Reshad Jones, SS: Good speed, size, and hands to give a much needed boost to our secondary. Can also lay the wood! We now have our replacement for M. Lewis.

3. Mike Johnson, OG: There's are some "sexy" choices in this draft that could easliy make Mike Johnson fall to us. IMO this would be a steal. A verstile linemen who can play either guard position and filled in at LT. Could make a great LG at the NFL level. A great run blocker but will need to develop in pass protection. Will contribute from day 1.

As the senior bowl and combine comes and passes I will definately update. Let me know what you guys think.

Go 9ers!
Can't disagree with any of those moves at all. Nice job!
Looks good to me.
Looks good to me. Now all we need is a OLB and CB to round out the team. Another developmental OG/OT would probably be helpful as well.
It's not a webzone mock draft without CJ Spiller.

No thanks.
I may be one of the few who's beating the "No Bryant, No Spiller" drum.

If you wanna call it a drum.

love spiller but we can get another rb/kr later. more pressing needs on defense.
would rather take Rolando McClain or Earl Thomas
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