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I Got It! The answer to our two first rounders!

They were on display last night in the national championship game! 1a. Rolando McClain 2. Mount Cody these two players will give us play makers on defense other than willis and smith!
And how is that going to help Gore get 2000 yards or Smith dropping back to pass
Originally posted by GoFD74:
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Originally posted by AC49er:
And how is that going to help Gore get 2000 yards or Smith dropping back to pass

I guess it would help our goal line offense, when you line up Cody as FB to "flatten the way".

Other than that I can't think of how it would help Frank.
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Originally posted by PA9erFaithful:

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Not funny.
Wrong answer!!

Neither fills a particular need at this point and only McClain would come close to a value in the 1st round.
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Rolando McClain - Maybe
Mount Cody = are you freaking joking?

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niether fill a need but i wouldnt be mad if it happened
you sir got an F thats is definitely the wrong answer
What you hillbillies do not understand is Defense wins Championships! I thought I was talking to some guys who saw Alabama win the national championship with their quaterback throwing for 58yds! Even Alex Smith could have won that Game! How about you guys start to massage your temples and ask the Lord for common sense! Go ahead give it a try.