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Do we go against the grain..

I would only say yes if you were not getting production from your OLB's, had a stud MLB you wanted to protect, played in a 3-4 and had a hall of fame MLBer as your head coach.
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Rolando can slide out side or willis can slid out side. McKillop is mor of a cover LB anyways.You can sold three problems with one player.
1 back up to spikes
2 Ulbrich retired
3 Outside Edge rusher either Rolando or Willis

This is only for our 2nd 1strd pick.
There is a concept that I'm familiar with from Baseball that translates well here: it's to be strong up the middle!! In baseball, that means Catcher, Short Stop, 2B and Centerfield; football is DT, ILB, SS, FS. Control the middle of the field, defense wins championships.

We would be one difficult team to run on with Franklin, Willis, McClain, Goldson and another good Safety (for now, Lewis is still solid here), all clogging up the middle.
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Originally posted by dhp318:
unless he can cover as well as a DB, he'll likely leave the field in obvious passing downs, unless he turns out to be better than Willis.

Is that even a possibility? I can't imagine anyone playing MLB better than Willis.

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McClain and Spiller please
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