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32 team first round mock v 1.0

Originally posted by MaliCali:
Originally posted by mayo63:
Love the two OL. Would cream my pants if this came true.

it wont..

this is a terrible mock, its not even a mock its a ..'what i want us to take and what everyone else will take around us'

again....RT needs to be addressed, however the top two tackles will be gone by #13....taking any other tackle that high would be an absolute reach with all the talent that is laden through the top two rounds of this draft....and the same goes for guard considering Singletary likes BOTH Baas and Chilo...

2nd and 3rd round picks have a much better chance of going OL....the only thing that will change this is if for some reason Okung or Williams are sitting there when we pick..

You don't think Bulaga will raise his stock? The man has been very consistent this year especially after recovering from the thyroid injury. He ended his college career by basically shutting down an elite DE prospect in Derrick Morgan. How is that a reach at 13 when he could possibly be selected at 14 to Seattle. Iupati is the wild card at 17. He's a guard, but he's also the best guard prospect to come out in awhile. He has all the skills to play tackle in the NFL.
Originally posted by SF69ers:
KC with two picks?

Bryant drafted twice?

Joe Haden falling to 19?

Eric Norwood selected that high when other pass rushers rank higher?

Ciron Black, Dexter McCluster, Ricky Sapp, and DeAndre McDaniel selected in the 1st round?

Don't get me wrong, I am a supporter for the Davis and Iupati picks, but the whole first round mock looks very unrealistic.

You lost me when you put Tebow in the first round, I stopped reading after that.
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Originally posted by susweel:
You lost me when you put Tebow in the first round, I stopped reading after that.

Say what you want but there are many coaches and GMS who have publicy said that he's worth a first round pick.

You may not agree, (I'm not sure I do), but there are plenty of others who do.
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