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Favorite Luxury Pick?

Favorite Luxury Pick?

Alright so which of these three players do you want if you could have any of these luxury picks? Keep in mind who is in front of them at their position Please read what I have to say before voting.

WR - When Bruce retires and Battle possibly gets released that would leave us with Crabtree, Morgan, Hill and Jones. Unfortunately, we have some money tied up in Jones, a 3rd rounder in Hill and haven't seen the ball thrown to him much. However, we have two good receiving TE's so that might make up for the lacking of our WR corps. However, I'd still take a potential dominant WR and have a great 1-2 punch and we don't know if Morgan can be that good or great #2. This is why I feel Dez Bryant who can double as a punt/kick returner would be a good but luxury pick. However, Dez might have the whole Deion/holdout type thing and remember the last OKLA ST WR we took?
Alternate WR/KR/PR - Mardy Gilyard

RB - We have our star in Gore and haven't seen much out of our backup Glenn Coffee. We have a hard enough time getting Gore enough touches in the shotgun although he is still making plays for us. Can we afford to draft Spiller and try to get him playing time? We could just start him out at returns for now and when Gore needs a breather put him in. Later on we can run two back sets or even split him out.
Alternate RB/WR/KR/PR - Dexter McCluster

ILB - We have a good ILB in Takeo Spikes but he is getting up there in age. He might have a season or two left and we could worry about replacing him then but Rolando McClain would be a great player next to Willis. Down right scary, those guys might be knocking each other out fighting over tackles and picks. I'd love to draft him if he fell but we do have McKillop who could be serviceable once Takeo leaves. He should have lots of practice in on special teams and should be much better by the time he takes over. Although he can get tackles I am not so sure he will be a great player that gets turnovers.
Atlernate ILB - Brandon Spikes
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Bryant isn't a luxury pick. WR is a position of need. MLB and RB are luxury picks. Especially when you consider the price we have to pay.

So Bryant
Originally posted by krizay:
Bryant isn't a luxury pick. WR is a position of need. MLB and RB are luxury picks. Especially when you consider the price we have to pay.

So Bryant

You are right in my opinion but I can see how someone says hey we have 2 good receiving TEs, a #1, a #2 and Hill/Jones for 3/4. Yes, they aren't the best #2-4 but they are serviceable with those great receiving TEs.
Bryant, I guess.

I wish I could get behind McClain as I think he'll be the best player. But we have to resign Willis at some point and I think that contract will be HUGE, so I just can't see tying up that much cash at the MLB position. Even though matching McClain and Willis could be epic.

As for Spiller, I really can't add anything to what you've already said. Nice analysis.
Let me just say this: I'd like Anthony Davis or a RT, I'd like Earl Thomas or Joe Haden to fill a DB/Safety need but with that being said I hope we get one of these Luxury guys because all these guys put up HUGE numbers in college and should be impact players in the NFL.

Bryant had 29 TDs in College with 2425 yards, CJ Spiller 32 with 3500 yards, McClain
101 Tackles 4 Sacks 1FF 2INTs this year. Put that next to Willis and we have an awesome duo for a decade plus. I honestly think those guys would be knocking each other out over getting tackles and picks.

**I am even more impressed that Bryant put up that many TDs and yards in two years and 3 games this season where Spiller put up that in 4 years but still those are great numbers all around (receiving, rushing & TDs).
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