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My 2 Round Mock for 2010 Draft

The Rams will take Clausen.
Originally posted by sdaddy101269:
The Rams will take Clausen.

They could trade out of the #1 spot and still get him.. There is no denying they need to replace Bulger and Boller but I can't see them passing on Suh. But if they did, they could go all the way to #6 and still land Clausen. Barring a trade of course.

The teams right behind them don't need a QB, with the possible exception of the Browns.

Tampa - No, just drafted Freeman
Browns - Maybe, the have to decide on Quinn
Lions - No , they just drafted Stafford
Chefs - No, they have invested a ton in Cassel, he needs protection

After that comes 4 teams that all might want to draft a QB

Oakland - Likely, Russell just sucks
Washington - Maybe, depends on the new regime and what they think of Campbell
Buffalo - Possibly, Edwards is just an average QB at best
Seattle - Likely, time to find the heir to Hasslebeck
Cox may go in the 2nd but I dont think he goes this high. A bit of a reach IMHO.
Originally posted by AB83Rules:
Originally posted by wadjay:
You have the Niner's pick from the Panthers coming after the Niner's regular pick. Just curious - did you mean to do that? Are you predicting the Panthers will finish with a better record than the Niners?

My bad, i mixed that up, should be 11th from CAR and 13th our own Pick.

Im going off current or most recent order.

Switch the 2nd round picks to bring them into line.

Great work, as always AB
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