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Scott Wright on Goldson and Dumervil

Every single draft expert is the same.



Blah, blah, blah. And when 1 of those 2 possibilities happens they can CUT AND PASTE and say "see I was right."
Originally posted by OnTheClock:
As many around here know, I can't stand Wright's "analysis" on guys. He's just not good. He's not good at projecting, he's not at all a "draft expert." He simply is not.

Don't trust what you read from Scott.

He once gave us Lendale White with the number 5 overall pick, 3 months before the draft.

He has a pretty website though.

All hat and no cattle.
Scott Wright is a rich kid with money so he decided to start his own site to have excuse to fly around the country and go to all the events. He has no football IQ whatsoever.
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