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I haven't seen this posted, this is my favorite so far.

It has us taking Berry, Haden and Hughes with our first 3 picks]

[ Edited by DaveWilcox on Dec 10, 2009 at 07:39:09 ]
would be nice, i want a speedster back somewhere. I'd be willing to go Berry , Best , and the best OT available in the 2nd round.
I would be thrilled with this draft, even though we really need help on the OL. I don't see this happening though. Hughes will be gone before the 2nd round I think. Even still, getting Berry and Haden 1/2 would be sweet! Instant upgrade to the secondary.

I think Goldson would move to SS, and Berry would start at FS from day 1. I also think Haden would start day 1.
Although that would be great, we cannot keep denying our O-line. Look at buffalo who didn't take a OT in the first round last year. I think take an Ot in first round with our second first round pick, and Iupati with our second ronder. Keeping our QB upright, giving him time, and opening running lanes has been our biggest problem.
Would be great if we got a tackle in FA.
yep that would be a perfect scenerio.
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