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a case for taking dez bryant if available

Originally posted by genus49:
I had no problem with the Calvin Johnson pick. The guy was a rare breed of stud and a sure thing.

Charles Rogers' problem wasn't actually playing bad it was injuries. But receiver is one position that rarely starts hot in the NFL. Most guys actually break out after their 2nd year so then drafting a receiver in the top 10 in 3 straight years was lunacy.

Hell when they took Williams Charles Rogers was coming back healthy into his 3rd year...they had a ton of other holes they could've addressed instead of taking a guy who was out of football for one year.

Just for sh*ts and giggles - the next 2 players after Williams were Demarcus Ware and Shawne Merriman.

dont forget rogers addiction to weed as well
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Originally posted by genus49:
Originally posted by RollinWith21n52:
Originally posted by genus49:
How about...NO!

See Detroit Lions for reasons why not.

Myth: the lions' mistake was taking too many great recievers with top 10 picks
Fact: the lions' mistake was taking BAD players with top 10 picks (many of which happened to be recievers) I really need to keep pointing out stuff like this?

Show me a team who has won a superbowl with primarily receivers as their best players. For that matter show me a team that has won a superbowl with 2 top 10 receivers that they drafted.

It's simple - only one receiver can catch a pass on each passing attempt. Meanwhile an OT or OLB plays every offensive/defensive snap and contributes to that play.

FACT a receiver does not have as much impact on games as those other positions that we need big help in.

the STEELERS did it with 2 HOF WR's and not just a SB. We wouldnt be trying to become the Cards with taking Bryant. We would be come more dangerous on O and we have a pretty legit D something the Tards don't have. Not to mention Bryant addresses the need for a returner at the same time.

Its simple only skill players score touchdowns. Meanwhile the Offensive lineman block to make it happen. It takes WR longer to develop so sometimes its good to get that playmaker in place and get the trenches later. Or just get em both in the 1st rd
??? really? did d.bryant return punts? idk that. that would definitely add a TREMENDOUS amount of value. our problems returning punts were MAJOR!!!

honestly tho, i wouldnt be opposed to see us take a guy who could return punts and play the slot. IF we continue to want to run a lot of shotgun (which seems the direction of the entire NFL) then we might want to really solidify that area with a guy who has natural hands and good instincts for finding soft spots in a D. someone alex could rely on to convert 3rd and 7...

If we can improve our field pos with a solid PR, and improve our ability to convert 3rd and 7, our whole O would improve DRAMATICALLY.

that's why i wouldnt be dissappointed at all to see us draft g.tate or m.gilyard with our 16/17 pick, assuming we take a RT at 13. gilyard in particular might make some ppl say that's a reach, but if you know anything about the guy's background, i think you might know he has the work ethic to turn out to be a great pro.

what about jacoby ford? didnt get to see him play much this year?
i know he's fast as all hell, but how are his hands?
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Bryant sounds like an awesome player to have on our team, but it seems like Rayes Offense looks to the TE's then to the Wr before checking down to the rb's. So we would be wasting alot of money on two talented wr's that will be second options.
The case for NOT taking Dez Bryant
Originally posted by jreff22:
Originally posted by genus49:
How about...NO!

See Detroit Lions for reasons why not.

How about ...YES!

See Philadelphia Eagles for reasons why

and patriots, chargers, packers, and Cardinals, Saints

oh wait, those are all playoff teams. only teams in the playoffs that dont have elite Wr cores are the Ravens, cuz ray ray is a beassstttt, and the Jets, who when you have that kind of a defense dont need receivers.

I wouldnt mind grabbing another playmaker on the outside.

Remember when we had a good O line, and Gore had all those rushing yards, and defenses stacked8-9 players in the box cuz our receivers couldnt get any separation??? it happens. We can take care of O line with our other #1 and 2-4 round picks, thats when you pick up guards anyway.
Originally posted by SonocoNinerFan:
The case for NOT taking Dez Bryant

no kidding. just read over on PFT. E. Parker can choke on one.
Personally, I'd rather just have Malcolm Floyd play opposite of Crabtree. He's a big target and very underrated. Morgan, Hill and Jones can fight it out for the #3 spot.
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