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Is CB really a need?

I keep seeing people say that we need to draft a corner, but we've got a good squad with Clements, Spencer, and Brown that should be in place for the next 3-4 years.

I don't think we should draft a CB in the later rounds for depth either. We can easily get a good CB for cheap in free agency, which we've been good at (Walt Harris, Dre Bly).

So would you be happy or upset if we didn't draft a single CB in the draft?
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Bly may leave after this year, Walt Harris will be 35, and Clements has clearly lost something in his game that makes him a good, not great corner.

If we shift Clements to FS, then CB is absolutely a need. If we keep Clements at the same position, then a mid-round pick would be nice.
i want a cb im not 100% sold on our cb position and wouldnt be upset if we took haden with 1 of our 1sts
improvements at FS would boost our production at CB.
I think we should just about draft a CB every draft. I think we need new blood in camp and constantly working on developing future talent. I think Walt Harris is too old and has already lost a step. Spencer has worked out pretty well. Brown is develping, Bly has been positive, and Clements could get moved to FS. So we could use 2 CBs in the draft, one to replace Clements, and one to give us security for Bly potentially leaving. So we have our work cut out for us.
yes we need some one opposite of nate (who is defenitally still a top 10 corner in league) spencer is inconsistant and who knows how well the aged and injured walt harris will do
Originally posted by 49erfeeeever808:
improvements at FS would boost our production at CB.

so would a pass rush.
That depends if we happen to get a gem and Eric Berry falls to us the way Crabtree did last year than no we dont need a corner as he has coverege skills as well as that knockout punch our secondery is definently missing, that bieng said if Berry isnt there than yeah we could have a great shot at the best corner in the draft. But I think tackle and guard are our main concerns in this draft way before our secondary.

We have much bigger needs. Our existing CB's will play much better with a pass rush.
Yes. The Niners absolutley need an upgrade at CB. If Joe Haden is available in rd 1 I would not hesitate in selecting him.

I think we need some new blood in at corner. If we get him early he better be very good or also return kicks.
If we go BPA then Haden may be the BPA when we draft. We clearly need to address Oline and Passrush as well. So we need many upgrades on our team, but we are getting there and our #1 draft picks are all beginning to contribute at a positive level. So our next picks will be interesting. Also, our off season moves will also dictate our draft strategy as well. If we get Boone developed, and Pashos secured it will alter our strategy a bit. Then any other quality offseason acquisition will influence the draft as well. But however, it is done, we need Oline help, and CB/FS will also be important. We will see if they want to move Clements to FS and Goldson to SS then we would need Haden over Berry. But BPA will be a strong issue.
If Haden runs a sub 4.4, we'll have to take him, though he could very well be gone by that point.
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I think our corners play very well, considering they have to cover for 5 seconds a pop. A respectable pass rush is the most important thing we need right now, and most difficult to get right. You can get Oline help everywhere but LT for lower draft picks and reasonable FAs. I wouldn't say CB is in out top 4 of needs right now.
we need safety help far more than CB help...our safeties suck balls

Eric Berry*, S, Tennessee

Reshad Jones*, FS/SS, Georgia

Earl Thomas**, FS, Texas

Darrell Stuckey, S, Kansas
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