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My top 10 Mock

I assume that you feel that Dez would be the best player available in this draft? If that is the case we have to look at Bulaga, Graham, Spiller as BPAs as well.
Originally posted by lamontb:
Yea no need for Bryant, and I don't think the skins are gonna take a qb they gonna over reach of an OT.

Two guys I wont be happy with if we take them in rd 1. Dez Bryant (because we simply have much greater needs than WR) and Taylor Mays (because he may be the most overrated player in college).

Our draft board should be:
1) Berry
2) Suh
3) Okung
4) Haden

I know the first 3 will be gone but very hopeful that Haden is available for us.
No way we go Dez Bryant.
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