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texas vs texas am prospects

was a really great game to watch last night

on the texas side, i think colt mccoy is a very good qb who will not be a good pro...he is listed as being 6-2, but looks to be under 6-0 to my eye (he was less tall than their rb newton)

jordan shipley is a good prospect who might be a wes welker type slot receiver...
sergio kindle didnt get close to a qb that threw a heck of alot of passes...
earl thomas looks like the kind of palymaking safety niners could really use
adam ultoski plays left tackle but was beaten a few times by the speed of the aggies von miller--he is a right tackle if anything in the pros

on the aggies side, the wr jeff fuller has a BIG game with 3 tds catches....he is big and fast 6-4 215, just like his daddy former niners def back jeff fuller

jarrod johnson really impressed with his size (6-5 243, mobility & big accurate arm)
von miller has 16.5 sacks but looks like just an edge speed rusher--his game may have difficulty translating to the pros

the aggies had a young rb who looked good, christine michael---who names a boy christine?????sheesh

again one of the better games to watch in a long time
Thanks for the information and insights on some new players.
Is the WR fuller draft eligible? What about Von Miller?
Von Miller is going to go pro I'm 95% sure.
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