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Call me Crazy-First 15 v1.0

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Originally posted by tjd808185:
2 reaches on running backs in the top 10. I guess you had to have Berry falling to us somehow.

The Browns need a RB very badly, although it could be considered a reach for sure. I have watched every Browns game this year and their D isn't that horrible, they need help on O.

Why would you put yourself thru that? I live in Toledo and get the Browns shoved down my throat. The only saving grace for me this season has been the fact the Lions can't sell out and I've been spared from having to choose between them and Cleveland every single week.

I agree they need a back, but teams never reach on a back that high in the draft, and simply put Dwyer doesn't come anywhere close to grading out that high. Unless Mangini decides to trade a top 5 pick again for a bag of spaghetti o's they're not taking Dwyer.

My buddy who has the Sunday Ticket is a Browns fan and being that I live in FL.....its the only way to see the 9ers every week. Depending on what Dwyer does at the combine he could jump a bit, there are always players you move up considerably after the combine. Also Spiller could be the pick as well. The combine should give a better idea to where guys could go.....that's why I called it "Call me Crazy".
I think Crabtree most likely fell to 10 because he couldn't work out and teams questioned his speed. The "diva" thing may have been a small factor, but it was overblown by the media imo.

Berry would have to be injured and unable to work out for him to slide that far imo. There would also have to be some concern about him possibly not being the same player after the injury because (unlike Crabs) his game speed is obvious.
Somebody is trying awfully hard to slide Berry to our first pick.

It's not happening.
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Originally posted by tjd808185. Unless Mangini decides to trade a top 5 pick again for a bag of spaghetti o's they're not taking Dwyer.[/quote:

That made me laugh.
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8. Kansas City
RB CJ Spiller
Surprised....? Every mock as KC going with Berry well sorry . LJ is gone and has left a major need for KC at RB. Although this could be considered a little high for Spiller his home run threat is apparent and Haley needs help badly. If Cassel is going to succeed he's going to need some weapons and Spiller is just that.

LOL I just posted this in another Mock (Not the comments).

I don't think Haley as an OC ever had the opportunity to work with a RB like Spiller, that's why I think it would be too good for KC to pass up.
Originally posted by jreff22:
Originally posted by English:
That would be stunning. Won't happen but I wish!

Round 2 OG. Round 3 rb/kr

But no pass rush!

OG could happen in FA, Mankins is who should be targeted. Round 2 would then be best OLB.

Could happen, but IMO we need two guards! What I really want is the OT and the pass rush sorted in round one with premier players. Then guard and db and at some stage a rb who can stand in for Frank.

You are right, FA can throw all the calculations out. But I don't know how much talent will actually be available.
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