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New Draft

overall i dont know about this draft, Hughes i love and Haden too, but hughes is a mid 1st rd pick.

Bulaga not that early, nor any OT early IMO, Williams and Okung are the best 2, but not sold on either.
Originally posted by OnTheClock:
Originally posted by PA9erFaithful:
I'd be ok with that draft. If I could do anything different I'd take out Haden, take Brandon Graham with our second first rounder, and take the corner (or guard if we could get Iupati there) with the second rounder.

Same here, possibly, but either way, no complaints. I think Haden could -- and probably would -- be the BPA there though.

And for Dan -- Haden is considered almost unanimously by scouts to be the best corner in the draft, whether among underclassmen or this year's seniors.

I wasn't too sure if he was better overall compared to Trevard Lindley, who was probably among the top three, but Lindley got injured and took a slide. Haden has consistently been a strong performer on Florida's defense. He's extremely smooth and fluid and teams just have a difficult time throwing against him because of his closing speed. He comes on the blitz quite a bit as well and actually has 3 sacks and 5 TFL with two forced fumbles this year. This tells me that Haden would right away be ready to step in and play Nickel Corner at the very least, and I think he'd make a fantastic one.

Yea I think Haden would add some much needed speed in the secondary also. I saw him play in high school and his speed is sick. He's worked on his technique a lot and his once stiff stance has becoem pretty fluid.
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