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I've had the chance to see him play three times this year, and he's just a big and mobile guy. Has room to grow in size, since he carries his weight so well.

Obviously, the Niners or Panthers would need to seriously win some games, since both teams are on track to pick in the first 15 selections.

As you know, teams are not going to burn a mid-first rounder on an interior offensive lineman, so the Niners would need to trade down in the first round. I've got Iupati going somewhere in that 22-29th overall pick.

I love this kid, and can't wait to see him perform in the offseason All-Star games and combine. His lateral mobility is a thing to watch.

It makes a LOT of sense for the Niners to take an OT with the first pick (Bulaga or Brown) and then move down to the 20s, get a 2nd rd pick, and select Iupati. That would be the dream scenario. Use the 2 second rd picks to get an OLB and a DB and this team could turn around quickly.

Brown is a bit overrated IMO - and I am a rabid USC fan... The OT that has caught my attention is Anthony Davis from Rutgers. Im watching the replay of his game against South Florida and he is absolutely tooling George Selvie with ZERO help.

Kid has an enormous frame - 6'5" 328lbs, but has probably the top lateral quickness of any OT I have seen this year beside Okung.

As it stands right now - My top three priorites in next year's draft are as follows:

1. Jerry Hughes
2. Mike Iupati
3. Anthony Davis

In order to achieve this feat, we would probably need to part with our top selection for a later 1st and a 2nd, then trade back up into the 1st with our 2 2nds. If done however, this will solidify our offensive line and defensive front seven for years to come and provide us with the necessary foundation on which to build a consistent winner

I would love those 3 no matter what order they were selected. They would address our greatest needs. I just do not want us to pick a rb or wr in the first 2 rounds.

This would be a great draft.