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2010 Draft Thoughts

I was just checking some draf sites and came up with the following picks:

#10 Terrance Cody NT
#13 Trent Williams OT

Footballs Future
#10 Taylor Mays S
#18 Terrance Cody NT

Walter Football
#12 Bryan Bulaga OT
#13 Joe Haden CB - Florida

I think round one will probably be BPA and T. Cody and the best OT would be a good first round. I think this will be deterimined by whether they resign Franklin and how well Balmer progresses. If they sign Franklin and Balmer and Sopoaga do well they may think that NT is secured. Then they would probably go Williams/Bulaga/Iupati to firm up the line.

In the 2nd or 3rd rounds we could go Mike Johnson from Alabama for guard or Mitch Petrus from Arkansas at guard. Another intersting read was Adam Ulatoski could play at Guard, and has played a lot at Tackle. He would be a good backup to support the line. We need good depth in the line.

In here we also need to draft pass rushing and CB/S, and a RB/WR/KR. If we could firm up the Oline, get the future for the Dline settled with Cody, and get some good starters in training for the oline we would be making the transition.

I would like Cody and T. Williams in the first round. Graham in the second for pass rush, Ulatoski OT/OG from Texas and or Mike Johnson from Alabama for OG in the third.

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Not bad choices.
A lot will depend upon whether Haralson/Briggs/Brooks develops as a pass rusher. If not then we still need our pass rusher. Hughes?

Franklin has come on as a good NT but we need a NT in training. Cody?

We clearly need Olinemen. We need a RT, OG/C, and one quality - starter in training Tackle to back up Staley and or RT. Bulaga, Fox, Brown; Iupati

Then we need another CB, S, RB/KR

So that is 8 draft needs at least.
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