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hey my good man OTC, Looking at Bulaga, what is the knock against him? From what i have seen, i like that player alot.

A major concern earlier in the year was an apparent Thyroid condition, which has supposedly passed and is no longer a problem, but you can bet he'll be thoroughly checked out by doctors if he declares.

As far as knocks on him. I really don't see much. In the run game, he turns his man and takes them out of the play with ease. In the passing game, it's the same thing, the rushers never seem to get there. He's just good on his feet. Unlike Anthony Davis, who by my observations can be very sloppy. Bulaga is the most sound in technique among underclassmen OT's.

OTC.. I agree that the Niners need to draft a versatile OT who is equally as good pass blocking as run blocking. I have to admit that I havent seen Bulaga play except for 1 game but from what you say he sounds like what we need. I just wonder if Williams will more likely the pick given that we need a RT and is the mauler type that Singletary likes.

Looking at Rachal this year has made me really reserved about selecting an underclassman lineman. Sure, there's always risk, but the concern isn't unwarranted.

Finding a technically sound player is really what we need. I don't want a guy who can't play LT in a pinch. Williams is the opposite of what I'd really like. I'd rather take Charles Brown, or perhaps Fox later. And there's one smaller-school OL I like as well.