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So we are now up to Bulaga, Williams, Brown, and Fox as potential OTs and Lupati as a potentail OG. Then we have Hughes and Graham as OLB/DEs. Then there is Cody and Suh as NTs. Who can we realistically get to in the first two rounds? Obviously we can get to 3 of the OTs, maybe the OG, and possibly Hughes, Graham, and Cody. We know that Berry/Suh/Bulaga would be nice but is it realistic? We know we need Oline help bad, we also need someone like Spiller for WR, and punt returns. So who is the Best player available for our first three picks?

If I was a betting man, I'd guess the Niners would select the best OT on the board with our highest pick (I still think it will be Carolina's pick in the 7-12 area). With the Niners' pick (my prediction somewhere in the 15-18th overall area) the team would grab the best pass rushing OLB on the board, and in the second round, the team would select either a guard or WR/CB with kick return abilities. A player like Jordan Shipley could be a candidate since he would be our slot receiver, and handle PR duties from Day One.

So that could be Brown as the OT, Hughes as the OLB in the 1st round and then Shipley in the second and then best OG or OT left in the third? Do you think that we would profit by drafting Cody as BPA after an OT? I think we also need another OG and maybe another OT or Center for I am not sold on Wallace. I think we need another LB and of course SS, FS, RB. We certainly need a kick returner and always another CB if available.

Basically, we've got needs everywhere.

I think we'll look to solve our return-game woes with a veteran returner. I believe Singletary will value an experienced player who is proven to be careful with the ball.. as well as being able to get positive yardage to help with field position. Jones is catching it, he's just not advancing it at all, and has put himself in position several times to be leveled.