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Mock Draft (First 8 picks only)

Originally posted by domesik:
IMO because of Nate Davis the 49ers won't go QB with their first 2 picks.

I think thats a very good thought but if we get rid of raye in a year or two will he be able to adjust quickly enough? He's done exceptional so far but we haven't seen him in a regular season game yet.
Oh God

Please give us an O line

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Originally posted by GEEK:
Originally posted by NinerFan1977:
For some crazy reason nobody here is talking QB That needs to be a pressing need in 2010. hill is not the answer.

He's 3-1, has basically the same stats as Matt Ryan, and he is managing and winning games.

Unless there's a can't miss prospect on the board, it should not be a first round priority.

You know Hill had the same stats as Ryan because the Falcons had a bye week and hill played 1 more game.
Look Hill is a game manager and that's it. The fact is he can't lead us from behind to win a game if we're down by 10 points in the 2nd half. The things Hill does well is keep us close, but not be spectacular to the point where our Offense is dominant.

In my opinion we will look for the most Impact Player w/our first pick (most likely Carolina's) and that should be OT, S, OLB, or if Locker is there by some miracle.

I think we use our 2nd 1st rounder to get the QB of the future. We won't sacrifice a QB right away like we did Smith, now that Hill is in the mix. He'll hold down the job (aka--Chad Pennington) while our young QB learns for a year and he'll benefit from the time learning behind Shaun. Plus our OL should be better if we snag a OT w/one of our 1st round picks that can help us for the long term.
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