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How many recievers are better than Crabs in next years draft?

How many are better then him and how many WR get drafted before him are 2 different thing. if he go back into the draft he can't workout for any other team because the 49er have his right. so the teams will not have an more info on him then they do right now. He can't run a 40. he can talk to any other team. he can't work out at the combine. all they will know is that he wants 40 mil and he held out all yr. So are they going to chance it and take him with a top 10 pick??? what if he think he is the best player in the draft and want 1 pick money ???? I don't know, and if he is drafted at 15 or 20 is he going to get 40 mil ???? pluse next yr maybe the last yr played before a Lock out so how many under class men are going to declare before that happen
Actually, anyone we draft and sign will be better than Crabs.
no one. crabs is Jerry Rice on steroids.
Originally posted by SybErkRimInAL:
no one. crabs is Jerry Rice on steroids.

You mean like psychotic because of the roids?
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I think Crabs has the better hands, but Benn and Bryant have the better overall speed. For us that's what we need. We already have Morgan playing the slot, we need a deep threat.
ya crabs has good hands and is pretty big just like a faster boldin dez bryant has spped and runs good routes kind of like andre johnson
i think crabs buzz factor would plummet if he ran at the combine.

he reminds me of that williams guy from the huskys a few years back.

crabs is ran down from behind in college to much for it not to raise red flags

the offense he was in created alot of space for him.... more then he created on his own

i think if he ran at the combine he goes over 4.56 maybe 4.6 or worse.
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Now I can safely say there are NO better prospects in next years draft than Crabtree. Welcome aboard;)

None now, since he signed. How he will be the 2nd GOAT, didn't you know?

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If he came out this year? Probably the #3 WR behind Dez Bryant and Lafell. But it really depends on what 40 he would have ran.
who says we can't have dez bryant and crabs
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