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Is this a blessing in disguise?

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All the ESPN analysts said on draft day that Michael Crabtree was the best WR coming out of college. And I agree with them, only the Raiders are crazy enough to draft someone else THAN Mr. Crabtree. He should have been the first WR drafted this year just Al Davis is crazy. I say pay him the money so he doesn't go all Anquan Boldin on us and get pissed off cause we undervalued him. And with Brandon Jones getting hurt he can just wait out longer until he gets what he wants cause the 49ers have no one else at the WR position for the long term except for Josh Morgan.

not just top receiver. he was arguably the best PLAYER in the draft.

Nine teams we know of obviously didn't feel that way.

8 teams obviously shopping for a receiver. the Raiders don't count as a football team.
I rather have Bryant than Cashtree, but it's obviously not gonna happen, sooooo....
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Crabtree will sign soon and we will be set at reciever for awhile.

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