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I knew it!

I'm liking Scoty Mac more and more with each passing day, because...

The 49ers reportedly had their eyes on a potentially rich 2010 quarterback class when they traded their 2009 second-round pick for the Panthers' first-rounder next year.
This might seem idiotic when you consider Carolina went 12-4 last year, lost little key personnel, and seems unlikely to provide a high 2010 pick. But the 49ers reportedly examined the Panthers' 2009 schedule and deemed it very difficult. San Fran could also trade up with two first-round picks. Sam Bradford (Oklahoma) and Jevan Snead (Ole Miss) are the top QB prospects for 2010.
Source: Santa Rosa Press Democrat

If Alex doesn't prove to be the guy he should be and should of been because he was a first round, let alone 1st overall pick, then we will get our franchise QB in next year's draft.
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I am not a FL fan but I think Tebow would be great in a run first offence and we do have one now so I would be happy if we got him
This "news" couldn't get any older or stale.
Well, of course management is gonna keep an eye on future and current QBs, and consider ways to strengthen their ability to be more free and able in the next draft. It's not as if anyone thinks they are 100% on any of our current QBs. My only headscratcher is that it seems McC and Co. only had a few prospects that they regarded as 2nd-rd worthy in this past draft. That seems to be the case, so ooookay. Why did we have to also throw OUR 4th rounder in though??? They came asking for our help, so I would have thought our 2009 2nd would have been enough to trade with their 2010 1st. (since future picks are regarded as 1 less round in value)
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