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I scream for Wilfork.
I scream for ngata.
I scream for B.J.

This season i'm screaming for Terrence Cody At 365 pounds.
They say he's not going to declare, but i'm sorry the coachs need to tell this kid he's going top 15 and his draft stock isn't going up if he stay's, so here's to hoping he declares and we finally take are nose. I think if i had to compare him to someone i pick Rogers. Fat lazy but on those few plays when he's not tired or forgetting he's in a game, he can be monster.

So boy's who's your 2010 Pick? and of coarse love to have a reason why.
we have two picks

personally i would love spikes he is a beast of a MLB and like willis he is always where the ball is

also eric berry or if goldston works out a top CB that can start at the 3 spot the year we draft him but eventually has to have the skill to start
If our QB's don't pan out we gotta grab one plain and simple. If we are successful @ QB we need to go after Cody if he declares I believe are pass rush will be little improved from last year considering we still haven't addresses are biggest need again in a 3-4 being NT. We are still missing both our anchors on O and D from the outside looking in pretty scary lets hope for the best.......
It depends on how certain players with potential do. if lawson steps up and haralson keeps playing well i want either suh and mays or wright or i want berry and cody. if goldson steps up and manny doesnt then i want kindle and 1 of the nts.
i think now we have to look at CB as a huge need, and theres one guy i love who might declare as a junior.

Florida CB Joe Haden.

and as for the other, i like Ndamukong Suh, DT Nebraska.
We need a stout nose for sure luckily we can address 2 needs the next draft.
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