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any opinions on a couple 2010 qb prospects

Originally posted by Ninerbowl6:
I think this QB class is pretty weak. I think by the time the draft rolls around we'll be better served getting a QB in the later rounds.

Sam Bradford - Sam benefits from playing out of the shotgun and had a great offensive line. If you look at last year...all you have to do is get pressure on the kid and his accuracy isn't the same(pressure busts a pipe).

Colt Mccoy - Has great touch on his passes, can keep plays alive with his feet and he's a team leader....but he looks short to me...probably 6'0 maybe even 5'11. Don't be surprised when the combine rolls around.

Jevan Sneed - Big strong arm, runs a pro-style offense and can keep plays alive with his feet....but I questions his decision making. I think out of these 3 he looks the most ready for the NFL....but I don't think he's a garunteed franchise QB.

I can't even mention Tim Tebow....Great college QB...but I don't thin his skill set will translate to success in the NFL.

There are probably some other QB's that will emerge and will probably be better pro-prospects IMO.

mccoy is listed at 6-2 or 6-3 on most publications............though he doesnt look that tall to me either....he looks taller than 5-11 is not unheard of for some college programs to pad the size of some of their players

another name that might be added to the qb mix is washington huskies qb Jake Locker, who looked really good vs LSU saturday....I am sure that Steve Sarkisian has had a great effect on him....I am a big fan of Singletary but Sarkisian might have been a great candidate to permanently replace mike nowin...Sarkisian was the guy al davis wanted before settling for Lame Coffin
I still would want Tebow.
we should work on developing around Nate. End of story
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Originally posted by blacksailsmd:
we should work on developing around Nate. End of story

Doesn't mean we still shouldn't add a top tier QB.
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