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Nate Davis has Dyslexia

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Originally posted by TonyStarks:
George Lopez had dyslexia

Can he play QB???
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Originally posted by jimbagg:
I suggest that everyone hold-off on getting too enamored with QB Davis. He will have to make it through waivers to get to the Niners PS at the end of TC. Another team could easily steal him away at that point, esp if he gets some PT in TC and there is good film on him. No way that he beats out the crafty vet, Huard, for the #3 spot on the 2009 roster.

Actually, I see 2009 as the final QB evaluation year for both Hill and Smith. I see McCloughan's move to get the extra #1 pick in 2010, as part of the back-up strategy to trade-up in that draft for the Oklahoma QB kid, if needed.

If Alex Smith struggles in pre-season, while Huard and Davis look pretty good, then I think McCloughan won't be afraid to cut the Alex Smith experiment immediately.

QB: Hill/Huard/Davis

Cut: Smith

and it sets us up drafting a QB next year if Hill has a mediocre year.
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Originally posted by Mike8016:
The only downside on him is his height.

He's 6'2", so is Stafford and Sanchez. What's the problem.
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If your QB aces the Wonderlic, it's no guarantee he will succeed. (Alex Smith, Brian Griese etc)

If he flunks it though, I'm pretty concerned.

If he was a running back or a receiver I wouldn't really care, but he's a QB. A score of 11, which barely indicates basic literacy is just pathetic.
I've got a good feeling about this kid... Nate will surprise the league in couple years.
I'm getting excited over Nate Davis from what I saw last night and from hearing about this kid.

Interesting to note that Nate Davis scored a 10 on the wonderlic test.

NFL average (19.5)
Nate Davis (11)
Donavan McNabb (12)
Vince Young (15)
Kordell Stewart (15)

I really don't think the wonderlic test will utimately decide if a QB will be good or not in the NFL.

Another knock on Davis is his height at 6-2 and a 40 time of 5 sec. From what I read scouts prefer shorter QBs to be more athletic and quicker.
Originally posted by YuNGaCE:
he denied having dyslexia during his interview on

moc.sre94 no weivretni sih gnirud aixelsyd gnivah deined he?
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Originally posted by PersonalFoul:
I'm wondering how come Alex Smith wasn't checked for dyslexia? He doesn't seem to get it.

Alex Smith is probably 7 times smarter than you. His IQ is probably 9 times higher than yours too
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