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crzy's Basketball League: 2013-2014 (4ML is still the CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

now stoney can't b***h about the title being updated....

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Ok James and I have agreed to a trade.

He receives my 67 and 107 picks....and I get his 72 and 87.
I'll take Luol Deng.
G - Goran Dragic

G Monta Ellis
G Nicolas Batum
F Josh Smith (k)
F Blake Griffin (k)
C Dwight Howard (k)
Util Jose Calderon
Util Goran Dragic
[ Edited by jrg on Oct 11, 2013 at 7:19 PM ]
Amp is OTC
Originally posted by jrg:
Originally posted by AB81Rules:
Originally posted by 4ML:
Originally posted by StOnEy333:
Editing the title is a b***h on the phone? WTH kinda phone you got? lol

I think waiting is easier.

I agree with 4ML. I have a HTC One, and even on that I have a tough time writing/typing anything.

Editing the title isn't too bad. But I'm sure he wants to do everything on a computer. Editing the OP is horrible on mobile.

That was it, Stoney. I was at work all day...just got home. I was tryin' my best to let everyone know they're OTC or on deck. I didn't want to spend an extra second on this than I had to. I'll try to update more frequently...but today was incredibly busy.

Update in a few minutes
Can anyone txt Amp...or txt/PM me his no. He listed his no. in one of these webzone drafts sometime back.
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Sorry guys. I was out all day in the woods. I'll pick soon.
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I'll take Evan Turner.

Sent txt to 6th
George Hill
Sent txt to Pete. Beefn on deck
Jonas Valanciunas, C
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Ryan Anderson
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