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crzy's Basketball League: 2013-2014 (4ML is still the CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Originally posted by 4ML:
Originally posted by ninerlifer:
Originally posted by GameOver:
Trade Accepted Between ninerlifer & GameOver

GameOver receives 59th pick, 62nd pick, and 83rd pick
ninerlifer receives 54th pick, 67th pick, and 91st pick

ninerlifer is OTC

With that being said since my two other choices were taken (Klay & Favors) I'll go with a fantasy stud who will flourish with Dwight in the middle...

SF-Chandler Parsons

Good pick.

OP updated.

indeed. And damnit, I was hoping he would drop to me.
I've ABs picks...Stoney please txt me after you pick. Thanks.
About to head into work. Won't have computer access to the zone til around 3:30pm CST. Please text me when I'm up and I'll pick via text.
I'll take paul pierce.
AB takes Jrue Holliday.

Slick OTC
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Originally posted by 4ML:
AB takes Jrue Holliday.

Slick OTC

Have fun with those 8 TO nights, AB.
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I'll take David West.
Someone text jrg.
Txt to James sent. Will pick in 15-20
[ Edited by 4ML on Oct 11, 2013 at 9:42 AM ]
Also sent txt to GO - he's on deck.

Let's get this rolling today. We should try to finish round 3 today.

James took Monte Ellis
GO is on meeting. Pick coming around 11:30.
I'm here, pick coming shortly
Andre Drummond

crzy is OTC
P.S. Looking to trade down my next pick for anyone who is interested.
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