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Is your fantasy team in need of help?

My buddy came to me the other day and said that he was considering ditching his team because he missed the live draft and ended up with auto picked trash. I told him that all was not lost and I offered to write an article on how to claim back some respect. If any of you guys are in a similar situation to him then this may help you.

My buddy is now back onboard. He has no chance of winning; I'm going to dominate. This year we have a proper trophy, and seeing as I went out and bought it with my own greenbacks, I wanna make sure that I get to keep it. Good luck with your fantasy teams guys!
cool spam bro
It's not spam. It's just an article.
I'm in an 8 team league and I missed my draft and got stuck with the auto draft. I'm currently 2-0 and have a pretty good team.
Originally posted by csjwilkinson:
It's not spam. It's just an article.

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thats spam.
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