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Live, In Person Draft Tips

I am attending a live draft in person next weekend. I don't think I would do very well without a computer interface to provide players available, ADP, stats, analytics, etc. I do not want to in unprepared and I do not want to work out of a some magazines. Is there an App that you guys use were you can track everything?
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Have a good designated auctioneer. who can keep his energy throughout the draft.
I don't think it is auction type. I believe it is going to be standard snake. I just want to be able to track the players taken and see whats left, like when you are sitting at home on a computer. I would actually do ok in the first maybe 3 rounds, but finding good value after that without more information then a magazine....
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Don't over think it dude, they are way better in person because its almost like a poker game. If you do a couple mocks before hand, study up and bring a cheat sheet to track players left and players who have been drafted your gtg
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