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Who is your #2 overall RB this year?

Who is your #2 overall RB this year?

Assuming AP is your #1 overall RB, who ranks second and why?
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my list.

1. CJ Spiller
2. Adrian Peterson
3. Marshawn Lynch
4. Doug Martin
5. Arian Foster
6. LeSean McCoy
7. Jamaal Charles
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I voted Spiller but its close with Charles and McCoy for me

Foster isn't even in my top 10
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I like TRich. Tough taking him at #2. But potential + volume, could = a breakout year for him....if he can stay healthy of course.
Im the Ahole who picked lynch. Any back that can run on our defense is a damn good back.
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Spiller is gonna be an absolute fantasy monster this year
Depends if its PPR or not...

I am on the Spiller bandwagon. I like picking between 5-7 this year, so I can get him. In most drafts AP, foster, Martin, Charles, McCoy are going before him. Some fools are even grabbing Calvin or Rodgers top 5
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Originally posted by YungAce:



All about Doug Martin...return of his two Pro Bowl OL (Joseph/Nicks) will only expand his numbers, seeing most of his numbers came w/out both.

But, between Martin/Spiller/Lynch/McCoy I don't see any of them going under 1,400yds and 8-12TDs (rushing, passing TDs vary).

Only guy I'm low on is Charles, that's a mixture of OL (Fisher/Alberts good, but not world breakers on run-blocking), WRs (no catches = 8 in the box), and injuries (strains linger and could lead to breaks). Foster is injury prone and getting slow, but would take him after top 8.

Though, if PPR, it's Spiller/Charles hands down
After further evaluation, Doug Martin is the #2 Rb this year
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