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crzy's Dynasty Football League 2014: RonMexico is the CHAMPION!

QB Joe Flacco, Ravens

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Originally posted by TheSixthRing:
I'll take Jared Allen

Love the pictures and the pick. haha.
Stoney was txt'd

Will pick in 30 minutes. Pete on deck
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Originally posted by ninerlifer:
Morgan Burnett DB Packers

I love me some Morgan Burnett. Was my favorite safety in the draft that year. Hate the fact that he's a Packer
RB Isaiah Pead
Phil Dawson, K
crzy OTC
Originally posted by GameOver:
crzy OTC

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crzy takes QB Matt Schaub
Pick coming...

DL Geno Atkins, Cincy
lol...okay I'll take Patrick Peterson
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txt'd ron
I must have changed my pick like 7 times.
Originally posted by 4ML:
lol...okay I'll take Patrick Peterson

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