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crzy's Dynasty Football League 2014: RonMexico is the CHAMPION!

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Joique Bell, RB
I texted sixth.
Originally posted by 49ersRednGold:
I texted sixth.

I'm here, pick coming up
I'll take the Pats D?

Originally posted by StOnEy333:
Originally posted by 4ML:
I'll update the OP tonight. At the airport right now in San Antonio. Internet is super slow.

I'll also add Bowman to your roster, Stoney. Thanks for letting me know.

You better, god damn it. Or I'll do nothing and like it.

lol...I think I got it this time. Everything should be updated, but again - everyone please make sure your rosters are correct. I'll go through them at the end of the draft from the beginning - but if you can point out any errors, that will be very helpful.

Btw...I'm inputting the rosters on yahoo as we go along so I'll have the league ready-to-go soon after the draft is finished. I think we're doing fine and should finish well before the season starts.
Originally posted by TheSixthRing:
I'll take the Pats D?

I texted jrg.
Originally posted by 49ersRednGold:
I texted jrg.

He told me last night he'll make the pick in morning. Not sure what happened.
This has been the longest draft eva

Sorry guys. Just got home. Will pick soon
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I'll take Martellus Bennett
I can't believe I'm doing this...but I'm going to take my 3rd TE. He's rising up the boards faster than a speeding bullet...and after yesterday - I'm a believer.

Give me: better know who the f**k is Jordan Cameron.
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