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crzy's Dynasty Baseball League 2013 (vrabbit is the CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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ninerlifer selects

SP Ian Kennedy

imamod otc
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Originally posted by crzy:
Originally posted by 49ersMyLife:
Originally posted by BoiseNiner:
I'll take

LF Alex Gordon, Kansas City Royals

Great pick. I think he breaks out this year. If I didn't have a LF already, I'd have taken him over Desmond Jennings easily.

Gordon already is what he will be, he's not really a "breakout" player. He broke out in 2011, now he's at his ceiling. The lack of home runs is what keeps him from being elite.

I thought he was still around 26...but turns out he is 28. You're probably right - though it wouldn't surprise me if we do see a little boost in his power numbers.
Originally posted by jrg:
imamod otc

txted him
ImaMod: Pick coming soon

SacRock on deck
Originally posted by ninerlifer:
I already know who James is targeting....the run on catchers says it all!

I have a feeling he will go in a different direction...but I could be wrong.
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Kinda risky.. hoping he finally stays healthy and has his break out year.

I pick SP Brandon Morrow.

Was debating a few guys here.
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sacrock otc

texted him
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Well I don't pick again for another 16 picks..
Sacrock says pick coming within the next hour
Dear GM's,

wanna trade down from Round 6? Holler at yo boy

Round 5, Pick 58: SP Anibal Sanchez

Consistent arm who I think is ready to step forward at age 29.
jrg up, text sent.
C Yadier Molina

Dude is a f**king boss
Am I up?
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i was hoping someone else would take yadier just to see jrg's reaction lol
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