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crzy's Dynasty Baseball League 2013 (vrabbit is the CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Originally posted by SacRock14:
Round 4, Pick 39: Jacoby Ellsbury

Healthy (hopefully) in a contract year.

Nice pick
Was considering him if he fell to me.

I have class today from 9 to 12 but don't pick for another 8 picks. I doubt i'll be OTC before 12, but just in case I am I just wanted to tell you guys ahead of time that I probably won't make a pick before 1:00
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If anyone want to move up let me know. I will make pick in an hour or so if I dont hear.
Stalyn and I have made a trade:

I trade pick #40, 81, and 153 for pick # 43, 78, and 150.

Stalyn is up.
Gimme Billy B.
Originally posted by itlynstalyn:
Gimme Billy B.

Good pick. If I didnt already have Craig and Encarnacion for 1B I might have gone with him.
Go Fuk yourself stallion!!!!!!
Originally posted by ninerlifer:
Go Fuk yourself stallion!!!!!!

Guess it was good I moved up.
everyone making trades ...

Ill take 3B Ryan Zimmerman
Originally posted by ninerlifer:
Ill take 3B Ryan Zimmerman

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4ml up
Pick in 30 - thanks for the txt Crzy
Originally posted by ninerlifer:
Ill take 3B Ryan Zimmerman

Nice pick man. I woulda took him if I didn't have miggy
I'm here now...sorry for the delay. Work has been crazy this morning. Give me a few