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crzy's Dynasty Baseball League 2013 (vrabbit is the CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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I don't pick for like 80 picks lol
Just waiting to hear from couple ppl...
I'll take him...give me the doc

This f**king blows seeing all these picks ands I get to wait
Jay Bruce
Ben Zobrist
Boise OTC
Originally posted by jrg:
Boise OTC

That will be tomorrow.. Good night all.
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Sorry for the delay guys. Living it up in Rome right now.

I'll take the guy I was going to take in the 3rd round until Crzy gave me a solid offer to trade down into the 4th round.

2B Ian Kinsler, Texas Rangers

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sacrock hasn't been on in a few days
Originally posted by crzy:
sacrock hasn't been on in a few days

He has his number posted in jrg's baseball league page

I obviously can't call it from here.
I'm here.
Round 4, Pick 39: Jacoby Ellsbury

Healthy (hopefully) in a contract year.
I considered Ellsbury as well. He's so damn good when healthy, especially in this scoring system. Just needs to stay healthy.
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